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A legal eagle rudely discovered that large hospitals whose shares are actively traded on the Colombo Bourse, have not issued directives to their staff on corporate social responsibility.

Having been in the surgical unit of the ICU in a recognised hospital Narahenpita/Nawala way, he requested the doctor to kindly send for his wife. The doctor's reply was, 'that is not my duty'. He said: Seek permission to send message to your wife through the sister-in-charge.

The sick man was not sick in the head, and deadpanned, "Is this your hospital's way of dealing and caring for those who are admitted".

Healthcare costs are steep, and let the corporate heads who occupy seats on the Board of this hospital insist that aftercare is sensitively imparted. What happened to bedside manners? Curiously on the front page of one of last Sunday's weeklies there was a reference to the business page headlines which said 'all's not well on this Board'. Maybe there are repercussions to bad bedside manners.

Recognise the yuppies

We say that the Chamber of Commerce which is headed by the able Mahen should with him presiding, also include M.R. from Hayleys, Sus from JKH, Hans from Dialog and M.P.W. from Munchee to have an yearly award for those from corporate and state sector. The award? For young achievers.

From Radio Lite to corporate receptions rooms, there are young bucks aplenty who should be given a boost for their vitality and dedication.

Jay from lite cafe and Dilrukshi from spence are the front runners.


A meditation centre was finally established in the land that was earlier disputed. The Media Minister who probably has this early acrimony in mind, wisecracked at the opening ceremony - "now we have this meditation centre operational. I invite the media to arrive and meditate here for a start."

Rays serene

The 'Budu Res' controversy turned out to be an Emperor has no clothes story of a particularly gauzy variety.

Those who flocked to witness the 'luminous rays' emanating from Buddha statues, were told by scientists who were Buddhist - and Buddhist monks who were eminently Buddhist - that the Buddha did not encourage belief in such manifestations as 'luminous rays' from concrete and clay statues.

But some Buddhist who went to see for themselves, came home telling themselves that there were luminous rays. But then, the reality was illuminated by their kids who chorused "Mummy, we saw nothing, no? There is nothing there!"

Cut and thrust

The UNP suggested that there are too many leaks to the press. Inspired press leaks, they said undermined the credibility of the party.

All committees therefore were to be suspended. The UNP was basically all set to function in camera.(, tell us something new.) Until, Hemakumara, of the earthy reputation came out with an entirely earthy home truth. Said he: "Those possessing mammoties and axes sometimes use the mammoties and axes to sever each other's necks. That doesn't mean that we can outlaw mammoties, or axes'' Go forth, and convert all UNP swords into ploughshares.

Interviews first

Who tried to convert a potential press conference opportunity with the President into an exclusive interview opportunity? No prizes for guessing first.



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