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Guns cannot be allowed to solve problems - President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Friday asserted that the government would resolve any crisis through negotiations but would not allow anyone to use guns to solve problems.

He told the All Party Conference that his government was forced to take action against the LTTE as the Tigers deprived 15,000 families of the basic right to water by forcibly closing the Mavilaru anicut.

Stating that the LTTE has violated the Geneva Convention by depriving citizens of their basic human rights,the President noted that it was the responsibility of the state to safeguard the basic needs of the people."The security forces and the Police were deployed for that duty",the President stressed.

President Rajapaksa explained that he was compelled to take military action to ensure that the people got the water as several rounds of discussions to resolve the issue failed."We are for peace and resolutions through negotiations",he said.

Referring to the LTTE attacks in military camps in Trincomalee, the President said the 'operations' were only meant to restore the water supply in Mavilaru but, the LTTE struck in many parts of that district forcing the troops to counter such unwanted attacks.

The President said the welfare of those affected in those areas were being attended to,with a ministerial team already dispatched to the troubled area.


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