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English Literature GCE A/L Made easy-Drama: Chekhov's achievements:

Chekhov has maintained a sense of irony, revealing the ridiculous situations in society.

Raneveskhya, being ignorant of her own situation-cherry orchard mortgaged to pay her debts and her family coming back to Paris after selling the Cherry Orchard, getting completely lost in society and Lopakhin, the son of a serf buying the Cherry Orchard, inviting the intelligent attention of the audience to the lifestyle of the capitalist and the serfs.

Chekhov's sympathy with the ordinary people is revealed in Lopekhin's character a poor serf's son blooming as a successful businessman - buying the Cherry Orchard. Frothimov and Anya representing the young generation - out to welcome the 'new world', the change that they're going to face.

Frothimov: Yes the moon is rising. There it is happiness is coming nearer and nearer. I seem to hear the footsteps..."

Frothimov and Anya - the young crowd seem to like the new society deriving courage to better themselves. "We will plant a new orchard still more beautiful than this". Chekhov's ingenious style maintains a balance of pathetic as well as humorous situations.

The story in brief - The drama -

Cherry Orchard -

The theme of the drama is 'Nearness of happiness"

The story highlights the living status of Russians amidst the "Liberation of the serfs".

The arrival of Madame Raneveskhya is expected by her neighbours, friends and servants. She has two daughters. After the death of her husband and son she had fled to France getting abandoned by her abusive lover who had left her after robbing her wealth; she's coming back to her Cherry Orchard.

Madame Raneveskhya's arrival is appreciated by her friends and the servants. A romance rises between Dunyasha and Yepihodov but no one gets interested in it. Another romance between Barbara and Lopakhin "A love triangle between Dooniasha, Yasha and Yepihodov" "the class struggle of Lopakhin and Firs, the isolation of Charllotte" occur amidst seeking a solution to save the Cherry Orchard from the auction to be held in August.

Suggestions like building villas and leasing them invite objections ending in nothing. Madame Raneveskhya's lover starting contact with her, having had left her after robbing her and subjecting her to extreme indebtedness.

Madame Raneveskhya hoping to return to her lover and at the same time expecting a miracle that would save her Cherry Orchard. The news that Lopakhin has bought the Cherry Orchard, where his father and grandfather worked as serfs, symbolize the radical change that is taking place.

The guests and even the servants dance and the ball goes on but madame Raneveskhya is in a sad mood while Loparkhin is happy. Madame Raneveskhya getting ready to leave the Cherry Orchard Loparkhin and Trophim of share a warm farewell. Pishtchik managers to pay off some debts, Gayef gets a job at a bank, Barbara becomes the housekeeper and Yasha accompanying Madame Raneveskhya.

The old, sickly faithful serf feers, forgotten by every one lies down to rest and becomes motionless and the symbolic sound of the axe from the Cherry Orchard signals the sad and pathetic procedure ahead.


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