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Smak earns high reputation in Europe, ME export market

Sri Lanka's fruit and herbal drink "Smak" has earned a high reputation in the export market in Europe and the Middle East.

Country Style Foods Ltd, the producer of "Smak" fruit and herbal "Ready to serve drink" (RSD) commenced exports a few years ago. A spokesman for the company said "Smak" has earned a good name in the natural and health drink market. Country Style Foods Ltd commenced production in 1980 manufacturing fruit drinks, herbal drinks and milk added drinks.

At that time there was a vacuum in the natural and health drink market. During the last 26 years the company continued to expand its activities and gained considerable marketing strength by holding the major market share of the natural and health drink (RTS) market.

Explaining the response received from the export market, the spokesman said, that exports appear to be very promising due to the very high quality standards which are being developed and maintained for Smak products in accordance with all food regulations and standards at home and abroad. To meet the increasing demand for Smak products, the company has taken steps to expand the production capacity and other related facilities.

Specially wholesome and ripe selected fruits, from the best fruit-growing areas in the country are being used for production. Herbal drinks such as Eramusu and Ginger are being prepared from the best quality herbs to ensure their efficacy to promote health. Milk added drinks are also being prepared from carefully selected milk ingredients to get the best nutrition value under strict hygienic conditions.

A ninety-acre land for a specially selected variety of mango plantation is owned and managed by the company.

The fruit plantation activities will be expanded to meet the high demand of "Smak" drink raw materials.

Mango, Mixed fruit, Pineapple, Passion fruit, Woodapple, Lime, Beli and Soursop drinks are some of the popular "Smak" fruit drinks available in the local market.

"Smak" has introduced low sugar and no added sugar drinks in keeping with the original recipe fruit drinks in single serve disposable packs. The bottled pieces of local fruits containing Sri Lankan pineapples have a high demand in Germany and other European countries.


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