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Unforgettable memories of Palm Garden Village Hotel

Palm Garden Village Hotel. Pix by Sudam Gunasinghe.

The Palm Garden Village Hotel in Anuradhapura, in operation for 10 years, has pioneered the hospitality industry and has earned a reputation for unforgettable memories.

Creating a unique and consistent hospitality experience, the Palm Garden Village Hotel which is six kilometres away from the sacred City of Anuradhapura (Puttalam Road) offers fascinating excursions to eight sacred places in Anuradhapura, the jungle, beautiful lotus lakes and the Vilpattu Sanctuary, the country's largest natural park.

The hotel was purposely built in its strategic position in the centre of Sri Lanka to arouse emotions when visiting the cultural triangle, monumental area comprising the three most ancient capitals. The Palm Garden Village is the ideal place to relax in the midst of nature, with safaris and bullock cart rides for bird watching.

Over 50 luxury rooms and elegant restaurants of contrasting textures, materials and earthly colours, sipping a thirst quencher in an unexpected pub at the bank of the jungle tank, where architecture and nature blend comfortably to please the eye and the senses are novel experiences for guests.

The hotel complex which covers 50-acres is flanked by the Kahapathwila Tank on one side and by thick jungle, on the other.

B. Chandrasiri
Manager Lal

The proprietor and Managing Director Balaguruge Chandrasiri said "it was a neglected bare land when we came here with the project 12 or 13 years ago. No one believed that an abandoned chena could be transformed into a three star hotel. My Italian born wife and I myself had that dream and we made it a reality. It was really a tiresome and hard job but it was interesting to see that our dream was being realised."

He outlined how the bare land was transformed into a paradise. "We uprooted some giant trees from somewhere and replanted them again.

There were only two or three trees here when we purchased the land", Chandrasiri said. In appreciation of their effort, they also received an award at a special Presidential Environment Awards Ceremony three years ago.

The restaurant overlooks the pool and on certain evenings the stillness is pleasantly broken by the incredibly haunting but plaintive tones of various birds adding its sweet contribution to a leisurely meal. The staff is attentive and efficient. They are provided with expert training from chefs and other resource personnel from Italy and Germany.

The quality of food both Eastern and Western, specially the Italian foods is excellent and internationally recognised for its high standard. This is the only place where you can experience the real taste of the Italian Pizza.

Don't miss a lunch or dinner at the `Hermitage'. The restaurant built on the bank of the Kahapathwila tank blends with nature and the guests could see wild elephants and other animals who come for water.

The next attraction is the fully equipped Ayurvedic centre which gives you a real refreshment with a steam or herbal bath, facial and foot or head massages. The Hotel's General Manager Lal Abeysekara said that an internationally acclaimed spa will come into operation by mid 2007, as part of one of Sri Lanka's largest spa complexes. The fully equipped Gymnasium, banquet hall, games room, shops and tennis courts are the other attractions.

The Pool Bar provides cool and refreshing thirst quenchers to those after a swim.

Guests at the Palm Garden Village always have the comfortable feeling of being 'looked after'. From check in, to check out and at every meal, in every outlet eyes light up with a smile, that leaves one with the realisation of all the grandeur and magnificence of Palm Garden Village.


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