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North East for educational luck

The eight crystal stones

There's no particular definition for education as it is one of the most important requirements next to food, water, clothing and shelter in human's life.

In the rat-race of today's society, education is divided into many strategies and the weight of it is loaded over the students... Every stage and level of the education; whether it's the kindergarten, primary, upper school, university or PhD, has become part of this rat-race.

Hence, both parents and students try out every possible thing to improve the educational opportunities. Some pray to God, some try to bribe the gods and goddesses by offering 'poojas' and some use occult crafts.

Feng-shui also offers a few ideas for those who believe in using the cosmic energy in improving their educational luck.

Feng-shui, North East (NE) is the direction for eduction. So keep the NE part of your place well cleaned and tidy. If you have a bathroom in this area keep it dry and clean as usual, as the Feng-shui Master Asiri Wanigaratne advocates.

 The ‘Pagoda Tower’
Pix: Chinthala

Some children study in their bedrooms and some prefer to use a studyroom while some drag their school bags either to the dinning room placed in a corner of the sitting room or to the pantry.

Whatever the place she or he uses, it's better if you can move the 'study table' towards the NE direction of the place. For example, if your child prefers to study in the sittingroom, move the table (dinning table, his/her desk or table) to the NE corner.

First, stand in the middle of the room and find the correct direction by using a compass. And then place whichever the table used in the NE. Or else if it's inconvenient, keep the Feng-shui items (given below) on the table to absorb cosmic energy that improves educational luck.

'Pagoda Tower', Chrystal globe and the eight chrystal stones - pack placed in a clay pot are the Feng-shui items you can place on the NE corner of the study table.

Hanging a picture of a philosopher on the wall would also raise the moral of the child, Beige is the colour meant for the NE and the earth is the element for this direction.

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