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Now, the 'unitary' call comes from Jaffna

The call to protect the unitary character of the nation by the Bishops would now, certainly strengthen the hands of the President who prior to being elected pledged to uphold the unitary character of this country. In that bid, he said he would walk that extra mile to meet the LTTE leader to negotiate reasonable and just solution under a unitary state.

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Desperate Tigers target civilians

Despite the recent curb on civil liberties by the anti-terror legislation, Sri Lanka deserves - still - to be called an open society. It is naive to expect the security forces to catch every LTTE sleeper and attacker and to raid every Tiger cell in the town. Very liberties they enjoy in the city of Colombo, a multi-cultural city itself provide greater room for terror cells to conduct their covert missions.

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European double game to 'tame' Sri Lanka

Last week the Sunday 'Divaina' political column reported a JHU Political Council Meeting at which Champika Ranawaka had accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of being a Neo-Nazi, while the Venerable Omalpe Sobhitha had said that Merkel has one hand over Hitler's shoulder and the other over Prabhakaran. Another party member, the Ven. Missaka Kamalasiri had expressed concern over the possibility of Germany pressuring the European Union to lift the LTTE ban.

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