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Railway tracks in Maradana
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Required in overdoses

Remember the railway tracks at Auschwitz Birkenau? You would if you watched Schindler's List. If you have not seen the movie, well...the same kind of spine chilling eeriness (greatly toned down of course) could be experienced if you visited the abandoned railway tracks in Maradana, on a weekday morning.

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Tribute to Surya Bhagavan on Thai Pongal day

The holy day of Thai Pongal or Thaith Thirunaal or Thaith Thingal, as it is variously called, marks the beginning of the harvest season. As Sivanandini Duraiswamy reveals in Remembering Hindu Traditions, Pongal or sweetened milk rice is cooked on this day with the newly harvested grain in a new clay pot placed on the newly prepared hearth in the inner courtyard of the house.

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A glimpse of reel life

The commercial to promote Ceylon tea in Australia is directed by Trevor, an Australian of undeterminable age. There are three others in his team, Keith who has to be more than fifty and Angie and Sylvia (both of whom could have been anywhere between twenty-five and seventy-five) plus the crew - all Sri Lankans.

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Defence Diary by Ranga Jayasuriya
Light Refractions by Lucien Rajakarunanayake
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