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Choosing a suitable dog

Are you searching for the perfect dog? Whether you want a sedate lap dog or an animal that will be a good watch dog and a perfect playmate, dogs that fit those descriptions are readily available. Here is a list of suggestions and information to help you choose the right dog.

The present domestic dog is closely related to the wolf. Like all wolves living in a pack, dogs must be part of

a stable family and feel safe. Most domestic behavioral problems occur when the dog is confused about how to act in different situations. Thus it is essential to train the little fellow how to behave at home or when going out for a walk.

Anyone can get a dog. Often the decision to have a dog in the family is based simply on seeing one or two good examples of well-trained dogs, without having any idea of the hard work which has gone into getting those dogs to be so well-behaved.

Over the centuries, dogs have been used for a variety of tasks apart from hunting. these include retrieving game, herding sheep and other livestock, guard duties, guiding blind and deaf people.

Nowadays, large numbers of dogs are kept purely as pets and do not have any specific duties, other than being a companion.

Training is essential for big, strong breeds, but it is also beneficial for smaller breeds, to improve nervousness or subdue aggression.

Many households are just not suitable for a dog. If you work long periods away from home and there is no-one else at home while you are away, you need to consider the potential behavioral problems that arise due to the fact that your dog will be desperate for company. So consider not just how the dog would fit into your own way of life, but how your lifestyle would affect the dog.

Firstly, ask your self these few questions:

What type of dog are you looking for? A working dog or a dog to keep as a show piece? Do you intend the animal to perform some sort of a task?

Would you be able to provide it with the space it needs?

The cost of keeping a dog. Would you be able to afford it?

Would you prefer to keep a pedigree or a non-pedigree breed?

Would you prefer a dog or a bitch?

The decision to get a dog for the first time can sometimes be made without enough proper thought. Make up your mind first and then think of getting yourself a four-legged friend that will serve you loyally and keep you company throughout its life.


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