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DateLine Sunday, 19 August 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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B/G parents seek Doctor / Accountant / Professionally qualified daughter willing to live in Australia for son 32, 5'8" holding Executive position kuja rahu eight. Reply with family details and horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]

Bodu Salagama parents seek young attractive, pretty daughter for handsome 28 year son, Director of an Australian Federal Government Agency. Enquire with a copy of horoscope.

Buddhist Sinhalese Born 1966 very young looking Australian PR holder with permanent job looking for smart innocent girl. E-mail [email protected]

Catholic Sinhala Govigama well connected parents seek fair, slim, pretty partner for son 5'7" 28 from August, simple, sober habits, Engineering Honours graduate, Design Engineer in UK. Caste immaterial. Email: [email protected]

Colombo suburb Govi Buddhist age 37,  5'6" height  foreign educated, working as an Executive in multinational company, house at Moratuwa seeks a partner age 26 to 32 from Sri Lanka or abroad, caste religion immaterial. Write [email protected]

G/B parents looking for a professional partner below 31 to live in Australia for their well-educated son working in Colombo. Partner should be absolutely beautiful and elegant to match son's features fair 5'8" very smart. Caste immaterial. Email: [email protected] 

Govi Buddhist/Catholic mixed parents seek a caring partner for their son 36 years 5'9" I.T. graduate well-employed in Australia PR holder divorced from incompatible marriage innocent party no encumbrances willing to migrate to Australia. Visiting Sri Lanka in October. [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents seek a well mannered, educated, attractive daughter for their only child, 24, (5'11") graduate engineer - permanent resident in U.S.A. Reply with family details and horoscope. E-mail [email protected]

Parents seek partner for their Engineer Son (BSc & MSc) smart 34, 5' 5.5" working as an Engineer in a company in Colombo. Partner should be fair, beautiful professionally qualified. Caste Immaterial. [email protected], 94-725221531.

Retired Buddhist parents seek charming bride below 29 for handsome Government Surveyor 34 height 5'8" Teacher preferred. Caste immaterial. Horoscope essential. Email: [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist professional UK parents seek pretty Medical / Dental Student or Doctor / Dentist daughter for their son 25 yrs, 6'1" Doctor working in London. Please reply with details to [email protected]

Sri Lankan Sinhalese Australian professional parents seek a suitable partner for eldest son, 31, a professional and well-established in Canberra. She should preferably be below 28, English speaking, and be able to fit into Australia. No differences and those concerned need not apply. Parents will be in Sri Lanka in early October. Contact: Australia - 02. 6241 4041 or [email protected] or Sri Lanka. 94-11-2851244.

Tall, charming, well educated, well travelled gentleman 40's wishes to meet smart outgoing lady in her thirties or forties with view to marriage. Differences immaterial. Self reply to [email protected]

Very respectable Govigama Catholic parents seek kind-hearted pretty educated bride for handsome son 30 5'11" with sober habits. His undergraduate, postgraduate studies was in U.S.A. Now holding senior position in Multinational Company U.S.A. Email: [email protected] 




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