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DateLine Sunday, 19 August 2007





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Polls chief gets greenlight for LG election in East

The government has called upon the Elections Commissioner to hold Local Government elections in the Eastern Province to elect members for local government bodies, Minister of Local Government Provincial Councils Janaka Bandara Tenakoon told the Sunday Observer.

With the liberation of the people from the LTTE terrorists, normalcy has returned to the Eastern Province. Law and order has already been established and now people should be given the right to use their franchise to elect members to the Local Government bodies in the Eastern Province, to enable them to back the proposals, ongoing rehabilitation and development schemes in the East.

The Minister said over 90 per cent people in the Eastern Province have returned to their permanent houses and there are some families still living in temporary shelters and these families will also be provided an opportunity to cast their votes. Arrangements will be made by the Elections Commissioner at locations close to the camps occupied by displaced families in the Eastern province to cast their votes.

The date of the Local Government election and submitting nominations to the Eastern Province will be announced by the Elections Commissioner within the next few weeks, he said. 28,961 persons at Villaweli, 21,523 persons at Paddipoli and 24,792 persons at Waunawe in Batticaloa district, 71 persons at Upparu, 706 persons at Mutur, 643 persons at Seruvila and 4,076 persons at Verugal in the Trincomalee district have been resettled recently.

In addition 11,572 persons at Vakarai, 742 persons at Kadravali and 2,477 persons at Madurankerni have also been resettled during the past few months.

Law enforcement and public administration institutions have been reactivated in the Eastern Province. The Magistrate Courts, Civil Courts, Police Stations, District Secretariats and Divisional Secretariats have been already set up in the Eastern Province.

Infrastructure facilities such as schools, hospitals, postal services, electricity and drinking water have also been provided for people in the area.

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