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DateLine Sunday, 19 August 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically / Professionally well established loving kind caring handsome gentleman (local overseas) with sober habits sought by Kandian GB well connected parents for their daughter very attractive slim pretty 5'2 1/2" 35 employed holding a Senior Executive position. Inherits substantial assets. Pls reply full details with contact nos Uthraputupa' Thula lagna Kuja Sanyojaya in seventh house.

Academically professionally qualified partner is sought by Buddhist Govi parents for daughter 33 yrs, 5' 3" slim pleasant  well brought up kind hearted completing PhD end of 2007 in USA (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Research) Shani Kethu in eighth (8) house brothers and sister in UK and US. She inherits assets worth over 10 million in Sri Lanka caste immaterial response unmarried only in Sinhala or English with horsocope family details and contact numbers E-mail [email protected]

B/G parents seek partner for pretty slim daughter, 37 (looks 27) 5'3" graduate Teacher, divorced, no encumbrances (Kuja 7) differences immaterial. Reply with horoscope and truthful details. Email : [email protected]

Buddhist Karawe Govigama parents seek kind hearted caring educated partner up to 48 for divorced daughter. No children. Visakhian 44-59" Administrative Officer permanent residency Australia house Colombo assets Australia. Respond family particulars copy horoscope.

Doctor, Engineer, Accountant professionals is sought, for Dental Surgeon daughter 30 yrs, 5'2" medium complexion engaged in private practice, doing higher studies to migrate by Southern Buddhist Salagama Graduate teacher mother. Differences immaterial. Reply with horoscope, T.P. Email: [email protected]

G/B parens seek educated partner for 32 year old postgraduate qualified attractive kind hearted employed daughter with considerable assets.

G/B retired parents seek handsome doctor / engineer for fair pretty smart daughter, doctor 5' 4" 29. Overseas residents also considered. 94-716503973 Email [email protected]

GB parents would like to introduce their daughter highly educated well established 35 5'4" tall fair slim pretty working in USA to a prospective academically or professionally qualified partner between 35-40. Respond with family details and horoscope. Divorcees needn't apply.  Email - [email protected]

Govi professional parents seek a suitable partner for their fair and pretty daughter 26 5'4" slim Doctor working in New Zealand. She is a New Zealand citizen. Parents are currently in Sri Lanka. Please email to: [email protected] Tel: 94-11-2682926.

Kandy G/B physician brother seeks suitable partner for professionally qualified US born younger sister grew up in Sri Lanka and presently in US age 29 5'3" slim medium complexion Sani 7 compatible. Reply with details horoscope. Email: [email protected] 

Looking for modern well-educated Sinhala Buddhist boy in age of 30-35 more than 5'6" in height for overseas-educated pleasant independent girl living & working overseas. 

Mother seeks born again Christian partner below 32 yrs well established tall with good character for daugher 24 yrs. E-mail [email protected]

Negombo Buddhist Karawa parents seek a suitable partner for their daughter age 28, 5'1" final year medical student. 94-312221241. 

Professional Govi parents seek a professionally qualified partner for their daughter who has just turned 33 but looks very much younger. She is fair and pretty and works as an IT Manager in Singapore drawing a handsome salary. Prospective groom should be willing to relocate. Please email to: [email protected] Tel: 94-775208424.

Professionally qualified and well-employed partner is sought for G/Christian attractive lady in mid-fifties looks very much young and healthy, 5'7" tall, living in own house in Colombo with a substantial income. Willing to settle overseas too. Self replies giving all details in first letter.

Respectable S/B affluent parents from Colombo suburb seek a professional / educated businessman for professional 26 years old fair pretty accomplished daughter. (5ft 2") Colombo Convent educated. Presently reading for MBA and employed in a mangerial position. Assets lux house and commercial property over 50 mil. Please reply with family details & horoscope. Email: [email protected]




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