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DateLine Sunday, 19 August 2007





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Magnificent Obsession

'Unstill' story of a still photographer:

For, today the Legend whose life story you may think you know from the opening reel to this very moment, will reveal a totally different set of snapshots which have hitherto been kept under lock and key. Without preamble he focuses straight onto what he calls the "other" side of his life. January 5, 1948 - the day he was fired from his post at Donald's Maradana, thanks to a youthful caprice.

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His dream, my nightmare

laughs Malini Weeramuni:

She then laughs and rephrases the sentence "His dream and my nightmare", for maintaining the Punchi Theatre with the increasing costs of electricity etc. is no easy task. The collection thus begun, was transformed, upon their return to Sri Lanka, into a special theatre with its doors always open to artistes veterans and amateurs alike, to stage their shows for a smaller audience instead of paying tremendous amounts for big theatre halls.

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Equal rights or due place?

Nowadays women are fighting or rather standing up to get equal rights as men. This is where the story begins. A story which has two sides to it. The question occurs right at the beginning. Let me put it this way, is it right for women to ask for equal rights? or should it be in place? In a stereotypical society like that of Sri Lanka what's the due place.

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