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DateLine Sunday, 19 August 2007





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Rs. 5m astrological deal

The Elephant Party got down a reputed Indian astrologer at a cost of Rs. Five million to find out what is wrong with the horoscope of its leader. But Dr. Dutugemunu the Vin intercepted the guru and took him to TT Palace. While refusing the astrologers services, MR stated that he is a person who practises Buddha's teachings and does not need astrologers' services.


Big Lady at Duty Free

The Retired Big Lady did a round of duty free shopping at Katunayake after she returned home last week. Though she has told the sales guys the prices were too high, it was reported that she has bought some chocolates and drinks that were labelled black on credit.


Atta-Leader to the rescue

It was Ra-Blue who ordered to close Atta-Leader's 'Elephant-Nada' because the latter tried to boost his own image through it. But when all newspapers, including that which belongs to his uncle, refused to publish Ra-Blue's defamatory and malicious speech at Matara, the leader had no option but to beg for publicity from Atta-Leader.


Ra-Blue turns blue

The few remaining leaders in the Elephant Party were shockedto see Ra-Blue waving a blue coloured flag beside Wedding Sam at the Jana-Wave meeting at Maa-tara. Some thought their leader was mad while the others said he was right as a leader who has lost 14 successive elections has no other option.


Controversy over One Shot

Internal conflicts of the Elephant party over the appointment of organisers are not over yet. Provincial leaders from Kaa-taa-naa have strongly objected to the appointment of One Shot the celluloid hero. When Ra-Blue said it was a move to attract the youth vote, some Provi Em Pees have said they must have a young star for such parts as One Shot is 44 years old.


More slots for Maapila

The Elephant Party district leaders are facing a major crisis as Wedding Sam's Maapila group is demanding more district slots for them. Many Elephant Party district organisers have pointed out this could well drop genuine provincial leaders as the Bell Party secured 39 seats at the last election.



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