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DateLine Sunday, 13 January 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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A suitable partner for pretty fair slim Flight Stewardess daughter Sri Lankan Airlines with unblemished decent character 28 yrs. 5’4” educated leading Convent Colombo passed A/L, sought by B/G mother Colombo suburbs handsome son with sober habits from respectable family qualified and well employed Sri Lanka or Overseas is welcome. Caste / Religion immaterial. Willing to migrate. Reply with horoscope.

An academically / professionally qualified or educated businessman from well-connected family between 42-48 sought for very attractive sister K/B 5’3” slim fair English-speaking monthly income over 2 lakhs and other assets. Divorced, without children considered. Genuine callers only. 94-716-895101. [email protected]

A suitable partner sought for B/S 31 5’2” attractive Australian citizen daughter well-employed in Gov. Sector. Caste religion immaterial. Pls. respond with horoscope and full details to: [email protected]

A pleasant well-educated partner is sought by Sinhalese Buddhist professional parents in Colombo for their fair & pretty daughter 27, 5’, graduated in USA. Now working here in international establishment. Reply with family details. 94-777768746.

A suitable partner is sought by Govi Catholic parents for their daughter CIMA qualified 36 years 5’5” willing to reside in Australia. Reply with details. Email: [email protected]

Buddhist Durawe well-connected parents seek for their pretty daughter 23 years excellent character graduating from USA University in 2008 partner around 27 years height 5’9” professionally qualified with sober qualities resident in USA. Reply with horoscope full details.

Buddhist Sinhala parents seek a suitable partner for their 33+, 5’3”, pretty, good charactered graduated, Government Academic Officer daughter Western Province. Special dowry available. 10,000,000. Respond with horoscope. [email protected]

Buddhist respectable family girl 37 years looks young slim pretty 5’4” graduate senior Manager registration cancelled seeks a cultured professional partner below 40. Email : [email protected]

Buddhist Deva English teacher sister seeks a suitable partner with sober habits for her youngest sister 28+, 5’ fair beautiful doing her PhD in the USA (US citizen) while working as a Lecturer in the same university graduate Doctors / Engineers, others preferred. Horoscope essential. T.P. 94-91-2264204. Email: [email protected]

Buddhist professional parents in New Zealand seek for their attractive Engineer daughter with double degrees, 22, 5’2”, an academically qualified son preferably in medicine or engineering willing to reside overseas. Please respond with full details including horoscope and family details in first letter. Email: [email protected]

Colombo B/G parents seek a professionally qualified partner for their highly qualified daughter working in a Bank 28 5’3” slim & attractive. Owns a modern house & a car. Divorced as innocent party after 6 months’ marriage. Reply with details & horoscope. [email protected]

G/B parents seek for daughter 32 years doctor divorced with no encumbrances resident in Australia. [email protected]

G/B Engineer brother in US seeks for fair pretty elder sister 38 yrs. qualified and well-employed abroad (not in US) a suitable partner preferably living abroad. Divorced after short marriage. Innocent party. No children. Owns substantial assets. Email : [email protected]

G/B Sinhala mother from Colombo seeks an educated cultured son for her daughter, 36, 5’2” fair, PhD. employed in USA (late father Tamil). Please send contact Telephone No. details with horoscope. Email : [email protected]

GB parents seek, a suitable educated partner for daughter 29 yrs. 5’9” undergraduate. Settlement in USA or abroad considered daughter willing to migrate where partner resides. Reply with full details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Kandyan Govi Buddhist respectable parents seek a handsome non-smoker teetotaller MBBS Doctor or Engineer over 5’7” height for 25-year-old slim 5’4” tall fair very pretty Final year medical student daughter with excellent character. Inherits substantial assets. Full details by post or E-mail : [email protected]

K/B/G seeks partner below 50, for Directress good personality foreign educated Rs. 50,000 salary. 5 million assets. Divorcees considered without children. Suitable only reply. Tel. 94-77-6306300. Email : [email protected]

Kandyan Govi Buddhist respectable parents seek a handsome non-smoker teetotaler MBBS Doctor or Engineer over 5’7” height for 25- year-old slim 5’4” tall fair very pretty final year medical student daughter with excellent character. Inherits substantial assets. Full details by post or e-mail [email protected]

Moratuwa B/S retired parents seek a suitable partner for their pretty & fair daughter 38 yrs. 5’6” MBBS Doctor. Dowry house and a business centre. Reply with horoscope. 94-777789701. [email protected]|

Parents looking for Govi Buddhist Sinhala professional in mid-thirties for their daughter Accountant migrating to Australia. Email [email protected] – 94-11-2840169

Parents from Colombo seek a partner for daughter 36 fair smart & attractive with own house. To be divorced shortly. Two adorable kids looking for person who values family life. Reply to: [email protected]

Suitable educated partner is sought by respectable G/B mother for her youngest daughter CIM qualified & employed 31-year-old 5’2” slim pretty fair educated at Ladies College, owns an upstair house. Please reply with family details, horoscope & contact number. [email protected]

S/B/K parents from Colombo seek a professionally qualified groom for their daughter 27 yrs. fair, slim, pretty, MBBS doctor, inheriting substantial assets. Reply with full family and horoscope details. Confidentiality assured. [email protected]

Sri Lankan Muslim parents from a professional background and living in Singapore seek a professionally qualified groom aged below 29 years from a respectable family from Sri Lanka or abroad for their pretty 23 years old daughter just completed university degree. Please reply with full particulars to: [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist UK resident doctor parents seek a professionally qualified partner living and working in UK for their pretty well-educated professional daughter brought up with Sri Lankan values. She is 35 years old 5’5” tall and owns property in UK. Contact with family details and telephone number.

Sinhalese Buddhist S/Govi academically professionally well accomplished parents seek a soft-hearted, pleasant, professionally qualified son from a family of similar standing for well-accomplished well employed in S/L, 30y, Australian citizen. Family, horoscope details essential. Email : [email protected]

Sri Lankan doctor B/G working in USA 5’6” respectable family seek partner 27 years or less university or equivalent education fluent English only B/G need reply. Email : [email protected]

Well connected K/G/B mother seeks professionally qualified partner for educated 19 years 5’3” fair pretty smart daughter with long hair. Employed in private sector. Willing to migrate for higher studies. [email protected]

Well-educated professional of sober habits is sought by Govi Buddhist parents for their attractive daughter 35, 5’3” Doctor (M.D.) American citizen residing and practising in USA. Please send family details and horoscope. Email [email protected]



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