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DateLine Sunday, 22 June 2008





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Flotilla of Indian fishing trawlers dots Jaffna seas

Navy runs big risk sifting good from bad:

The Navy officials at the radar room were observing the activities taking place in the seas off the coast of Delft Island. Except for the echoes indicating the Navy boats patrolling the sea they were beginning to observe series of echoes on the radar screen. The echoes indicated in the radar screen were well within the Lankan territorial waters.

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Tiger bomb squad nabbed by CID

Provincial Councillor tips off:

The Special Bureau of the CID arrested six LTTE suspects, including a bomb expert and an ex-employee attached to the Colombo office of a popular Tamil MP who regularly espouses the cause of human rights violations, disappearances and abductions in Sri Lanka.

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‘Film Corp director’ behind Colombo massacres held

Sri Lanka police intelligence sleuths on Friday arrested the mastermind behind the recent civilian massacres carried out in Colombo and the suburbs by LTTE terrorists. According to police sources, the terrorist had been acting as a handler of “suicide bombers” and the main distributor of bombs for the terrorist network in the South.

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