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LTTE leaders in US, Norway and India behind offensive stamps

The intelligence sources believe the hardcore LTTE leaders are behind the issuance of a string of offensive personalised stamps depicting terrorist symbols in the European Union.

An Intelligence source closely monitoring the LTTE activities overseas said Rev. Fr. Emmanuel has mediated a pact between LTTE's US-based lawyer Rudrakumaran and Oslo-based Nediyawan who once fell out with each other due to a power struggle for new leadership, as well as India based Vinayagam, were behind the stamp racket.

The stamps issued in France, UK, Germany and Norway were reported to be sold at higher denominations than the face value.

It is believed the outfit has launched a massive propaganda campaign to win over the Tamils into contributing to its separatist cause, once again.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Oslo Rodney Perera told theSunday Observer that the stamps in Norway were issued at a time when a large number of Sri Lankans from all ethnic, religious and social background were celebrating the National Day of Sri Lanka at special events in Oslo.

"I have been vigorously pursuing the issuance of the LTTE stamps in Oslo, to have them annulled."

He said that the mission wrote to the relevant Norwegian authorities, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Transport & Communications Ministry, Post & Telecommunications Authority, and the Posten Norge on this matter.

"Vehement protests were lodged on the basis that depicting well-documented symbols and personalities of terror are totally unacceptable to Sri Lanka as this would naturally glorify terrorism and cause great pain of mind to the victims and their families who were at the receiving end of LTTE acts."

He said this shows that the LTTE elements continue their desperate quest to undermine the reconciliation and development efforts by the Government.

Ambassador Perera added that this was a 'great piece of evidence' to show that Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils (NCET) who made the order for offensive stamps, is the official arm of the LTTE and that Norwegian authorities should go after them.

The Interpol recently listed a Norwegian LTTE Tamil in their most wanted persons list.



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