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Captain Fool back as Captain Cool?

Captain Fool, fed up of being sandwiched between Fonny and Soo-me, the One-sa, is gearing for another political sommersault. He has expressed his willingness to join the governing types, if he is offered the subject of sports in the Cabin-Net. Perhaps, he would have realised the costly move he had made and wants to become Captain Cool again.

Moosa-Mill's double games exposed

Moosa-Mill has mastered the art of coexistence with the Governing types in next to no time. He has even threatened to step down from the top post at the City Fathers, unless Sun Kind-Leader stops targeting him. However, Kind-Leader said that Moosa-Mill is concocting stories as the City Fathers' chief wants to have a pow-wow with the Governing types.

Beggars can't be choosers!

Saa-jeet, the Love-Slave said that Ka-Roo, the Victory-suriya, should have declined the organiser post offered to him. "You misled me at the party elections and became the deputy having thrown me out. I must now accept whatever the leader offers," Ka-Roo had told Love-Slave in accepting the Woc Com offer. Beggars can't be choosers, they say!

Fonny furious over three versions

Fonny was infuriated over three different versions on his fate and threatened his better half Ah-Know-Mah of mingling with 'Third grade Jay-Vee-Peers'. "Vijitha tells one thing, then Tea-Run tells another, finally you tell me a different story altogether. All of you are misleading me, as that Ulama did during my election campaign," Fonny told Ah-Know-Mah, referring to Wedding-Sam.


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