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Parvathi Solomons Arasanayagam

A discussion on Parvathi Solomons Arasanayagam’s Contrapuntal:

Narrative landscapes created from memories and reflections

Contrapuntal by its definition means ‘polyphony’ which denotes having many voices or tones. From a point of musicology the word polyphony speaks of two or more melodies independent of each other coexisting harmoniously in a single composition.

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Toni Morrison and the African-American experience

In 1993 Toni Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. She was the first African-American female writer to win this coveted prize. In awarding the Nobel Prize to Toni Morrison, the Committee referring to the author said that ‘who in novels characterised by visionary force and poetic import gives life to an essential aspect of American reality.’

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Cultural scene:

Revisiting Orientalism:

The Orient in the making

In this week’s column, we further examine how this compartmentalisation of knowledge has been resourcefully dealt with by Edward Said in Orientalism. Said cites the contemporary illustration to show how the polarisation between the West and East has been used in the area of diplomacy and policy making.

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