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The iconic Philipjohnson Glasshouse

Breaking the glass barrier

Common wisdom is that it is hard to be excited about glass. After all, it is an object we take for granted, having existed for around 5,000 years. Glass itself is just a material based largely on silica quartz - we tend to admire various objects made out of it, from drinking glasses to bottles to vases.

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Birth of the Order of Bhikkhuni Sasana

The Buddha, the Compassionate One, always encouraged a life free of violence, fear, hatred and therefore He earned the epithet A Sage at Peace, (Muni Santa). The Buddha's discourses reveal that His teachings are closely connected to peace.

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Ehelapola Kumarihamy:

A symbol of chastity

The unexpected tragic death of a noble Sinhalese Kandyan woman Ehelapola Kumarihamy and her four children took place 198 years ago on May 17, 1814 on the orders of the irate last King of Kandy, Sri Wickrema Rajasinha. She was the devoted wife of Ehelapola Wijesundara Wickremasinghe Chandrasekara Amarakoon Wasala Mudiyanse, Maha Adikaram or Prime Minister of the Kandyan Kingdom.

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Millennium City
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