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Ageing gracefully:

Caring for elders with dignity

According to reliable statistics, more than 22 percent of our population will be over 60 in about two decades. Of the rest of the population, there will be 61 dependents for each 100 adults. According to another survey, Sri Lanka has been rated as the country with the fastest growing ageing population in South East Asia.

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The world belongs to crows too

The recent move by the Colombo Municipal Council to destroy crow nests in the city and its subsequent withdrawal raises some interesting issues for nature lovers in general and animal lovers in particular. If the authorities went ahead with destroying crow nests, the next step would be killing crows.

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The heroic tusker of Panamura

He was the celebrated leader elephant of Panamura. The leader elephant's stiff fighting back to rescue his group of elephants was of a heroic calibre that must rank with the most memorable in animal world and perhaps in human world.

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