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Demonstrations against reopening NATO supply line held across Pakistan

Islamic groups in Pakistan on Friday staged demonstrations in the county's major cities against government's decision to unblock routes for NATO troops in neighboring Afghanistan.Pakistan reopened land routes to NATO convoys on Tuesday after nearly a seven-month closure following an apology by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,

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Libya election: Historic vote amid tensions

Libyans are set to hold their first free election for more than 50 years, in a vote overshadowed by violence and deep national divisions. They are selecting a temporary assembly which will have the task of picking a cabinet and a prime minister.

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Scientists find strong evidence of 'ocean of water' on Saturn moon

Nasa's Cassini spacecraft has found strong evidence for an ocean of water beneath the frozen crust of Saturn's largest moon Titan, scientists said on Thursday. The finding propels Titan into a shortlist of places including Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's smaller moon Enceladus suspected of harbouring underground seas,

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