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P.D. James’ ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’:

Snobbery with violence

Despite her own origins in a country vicarage, her consistently satiric treatment of social snobs such as Sir Walter Elliot (of Persuasion) and Emma Woodhouse in the novel that bears her name, and her sturdy refusal to draw her heroines from the upper ranks of British nobility so much beloved of the women novelists of her time,

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Richard Wright and the Third World

[Part 1]

A few weeks ago, I discussed the importance of Toni Morrison as a contemporary African-American author who captured the black experience in important ways. Today I wish to discuss the writings of Richard Wright (1908-1960), an African-American writer of an earlier generation who paved the way for the emergence of contemporary African-American literature.

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Cultural scene:

Revisiting Orientalism:

Text and the reality

Continuing the series, in this week’s column we explore the difference between the Orientalism in text and emerging reality in the Orient. Edward Said explores the important aspect of textual attitude in the chapter entitled ‘Crisis’ in Orientalism.

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