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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette
To those who live in South East Asia, where the teachings of the Buddha have been long established, the sight of a Bhikkhu collecting alms in the early morning is common.

Coming to grips with Buddhist ethics

How does one refrain from wrong speech and action? First of all, what is right speech and wrong speech? Are they not relative to time, place and person? Is there such a thing as absolute right and absolute wrong? We can go on and on without coming to a definite conclusion, and by so doing, we veer away from ourselves - that is, from our minds.

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Why no romance in marriage

Volumes have been written on romance. There are romantic novels, short stories and poems. Most of them glorify romance before or outside marriage. Only a very few poets, novelists and short story writers have attempted to write on romance in marriage. This raises the inevitable question whether romance ends with marriage or grows outside it.

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Thorns on the Side

A dastardly act

Last week’s horrendous bomb attack at the Boston Marathon again highlighted the brutality of terrorism. While there is still no clear idea as to who did it and why, one thing is crystal clear - it is a dastardly act of terrorism. There are those who classify acts of terrorism as domestic and international,

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