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Marriage Proposals
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 Short story  

Wedding night

Trixlia has been facing a problem with her parents for the past few months. Frequently, she has been at loggerheads with them from refusing to marry the person proposed to her. Day in and day out she has been racking her brain how to overcome this problem; the proposal was torturing her mind. "Why can't you agree to marry this person, Trixlia?" Her another questioned. "I don't like him." "Trixlia, how many proposals have you rejected? This is the sixth one." "Because I don't like him." "Even the first proposal you didn't like; you told the same thing to the second proposal and all the others."

Trixlia remained silent and sobbed. "Daddy won't allow you to have your own way." "But mummy, I don't like this proposal; I won't marry him." This reply was like a stab in Felicia's heart; she was thunderstruck. "You must be having a connection with a boy; that's why you're rejecting all the proposals and refusing to marry him." The mother remarked angrily.

"Yes, mummy I've a connection with a boy for about two years. I want to marry him." She confessed her clandestine love affair to her mother. Felicia was flabbergasted. "Who is this boy. We don't know head or tail about him."


Felicia broached the subject to her husband Fredrick. He was a retired estate superintendent. When he heard this he was furious. He beckoned Trixlia and gave her a piece of his mind. "Look here, we've brought a very good proposal; the boy is from a high class family; his family matches ours. So be prepared to marry the one we've arranged for you."

"Daddy, don't force me. I want to marry me choice." She replied with tears streaming down her cheeks. "No, we can't allow that. You must marry the boy we've proposed." Fredrick told emphatically.

"Daddy, now I'm 25. I must have the freedom to choose my partner." "We'll have to find out the boy's family background and his caste. If he is a low caste fellow it will be a disgrace for you to marry him."

She was still in her reverie. She remembered how her father summoned her and talked to her in a belligerent way. "Felicia, tell this fool that the boy she wants to marry is not from a good family."

"Do you hear that Trixlia?" Felicia questioned her daughter. "They belong to a low caste," said Fredrick, "and not high caste like us. What is more, the parents can't speak English. Trixlia must be crazy to marry him."

"Are they rich?" Questioned Felicia. "If they're rich they must have a car. They're lower middle class people. The boy's father and his two brothers are working in someone's leased farm. They're illiterate people and don't have polished manners. Are we fools to give our daughter in marriage to such a rustic family?"


Trixlia was determined to disobey her parents. She wanted to avoid this marriage. Her mobile phone rang; this pierced her reverie; she came around. The caller was her boyfriend. "Sumith I have a big problem. My parents wants me to marry a boy they've proposed. The marriage will take place in two months."

"When we meet again I'll tell you my plan. If you follow my plan you can stop that marriage." "You know Sumith, my father has met your parents." "Yes, Trixlia, my parents told me my family is not a match for your family." "What did you say?" "I told them we love each other. So, I want to marry you."

With the effluxion of time Trixlia and Sumith met a couple of times and hatched a plan to thwart the marriage. "Now there's one month more for your marriage, Trixlia.

You must pretend that you like this proposal and cooperate with your parents. Don't show any opposition but win their confidence." "I hope I'll succeed." "If you do everything to precision, you'll succeed. I'll meet you on that day on the dot."

At last the wedding day dawned. From morning there was a hubbub of activities in the house. Throughout the day visitors were pouring into the house. Trixlia welcomed all of them with great joy. Her face always was wreathed in a smile and her parents were happy over their daughter's changed attitude.

In fact, they were surprised at the turn of events. By evening the parents were really busy in arranging various things pertaining to the wedding. By twilight the garden glittered with colourful bulbs; soon the wedding night dawned to the jubilation of all. Trixlia informed her mother that she must get ready and walked upstairs to her room which was almost at the end of the house, just before the pantry. All the people were engrossed in their various work downstairs. Then Trixlia hurriedly carried out the work she had been asked to do. It took her some time and thereafter she phoned Sumith. "I've done everything as you advised; now it's 6.30 p.m. In an hour's time my mother will come with the bride dresser to dress me and accompany me downstairs. So you must come here on the dot at seven."


Time flitted fast; Trixlia was overcome with trepidation and anxiety. She was facing the daring moment in her life. By seven she heard the distant toot of a vehicle; no vehicle was sighted but the rev of engine of a car was heard. It is 7.05 now. Just as Trixlia had told Sumith, her mother knocked at her bedroom door. "Trixlia, open the door, the bride dresser has come." There was no sound. She tapped the door louder. "Trixlia, have you fallen asleep; quickly open the door."

There was no response. The silence was a puzzle to her. Felicia began to sweat; she was crestfallen. "May be she is in the bathroom", she thought. Inspite of her tapping the door remained closed. Felicia alerted others about and the door was forced open. What did they see on the wedding night?

The horizontal metal bars of the window were cut and wrenched and two sarees were knotted to each other and one end was tied to the middle wooden bar of the window. Trixlia had done the vanishing trick!

The names are fictitious


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