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Roadside emission testing, a timely move

Roadside emission testing is an essential and timely step to improve quality of ambient air and prevent risk of higher pollution in the face of the increasing numbers of vehicles entering the country every year. It also means that motorists can save on fuel.

Last year, Drive Green - one of the concessionaires operating emission-testing centres - demonstrated the difference a simple maintenance program, which includes cleaning air and oil filters regularly, can have on fuel consumption.

The Estimated Fuel Efficiency report it issues with each Vehicle Emission Test (VET) Report provides motorists a useful guide on how much the vehicle wastes on fuel.

"Roadside emission tests help us keep track of emission levels of vehicles on an ongoing basis," top officials involved in the initiative said, adding, "Although an added chore, motorists can expect substantial fuel savings and longer engine life due to better, more regular maintenance."

"Our efforts should not be viewed negatively as efforts to punish motorists but rather as efforts to reduce air pollution," Commissioner General of the Motor Traffic Department, S. H. Harischandra said.

Air pollution levels have not increased although the numbers of vehicles have. Ambient air quality measurements reflect that these measures have been successful."

In fact, pollution levels have witnessed a reduction. Measured against levels in 2009 - the year the VET program was launched - studies carried out during 2012/13 by the National Building Organisation showed a reduction in annual average Sulphur Dioxide levels at 15 locations in Colombo.


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