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 Short story  

The examination fraud

Melina and Felina were identical twins, their birth difference was only three minutes; the former was studious and passed the GCE O/L and A/L examinations in the first shy itself but the latter was not diligent in studies.

Felina failed the GCE O/L examination twice and gave up studies. The only difference between the two is that under Melina's chin there was a mole but that was not visible at a glance. Melina at 20 was gainfully employed in a private organisation unlike Felina who spent her time idly at home.

Melina felt sorry her sister's plight.

“Why don't you sit the GCE O/L examination again?
“No use, I'll fail again,” Felina said and shrugged off her shoulders.
“Felina, don't be mad; I'll help you.”

“We're both identical in looks; so I'll sit the exam for you.” Melina suggested.

“So you're going to impersonate me? Will you not get caught?” Felina queried.

“What nonsense! Only we know the trick we're going to play. Nobody can identify you or me easily.” After much persuasion Felina agreed to her sister's suggestion. Melina was cocksure that she could impersonate her sister perfectly.


The examination was held for two consecutive weeks – Monday, Tuesday and Friday on the first week and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the following week. Melina adroitly planned her strategy to stay away from office by pretending illness. On the examination day Melina impersonated Felina. She produced Felina's identity card and signed the attendance register sheet as Felina.

Though things were moving smoothly, her heart was beating pitter-patter in a state of great excitement. A candidate behind Melina, when she ran short of paper, summoned the supervisor; he came to her and asked. “Why? What's the problem?” At this Melina got excited and displayed nervous behaviour.

“No Sir, I didn't call you.” Time was in favour of her and so she impersonated Felina for all the six papers perfectly well, though she experienced anxious moments and trepidation.

On the second day of the examination, there was a visitor for Melina. She tapped the door and when Felina opened it, there was a saree clad woman standing on the steps. “Can I speak to Melina?” “She has gone to office.” “I rang her office and they said she had not come” said the visitor.


“May I know your name please?” Felina asked. “I'm Foundra, earlier she worked with me.”

Felina confined herself indoors because she is supposed to sit the examination. She wanted to give the impression that she was not in the house during the examination days. Some of her neighbours knew that she was sitting the GCE O/L for the third time. By eleven in the morning her best friend in the neighbourhood tapped the door. “Felina open the door, I've good news to tell you.” Felina opened the door and Shanika popped out the first question.

“Today you didn't go for the exam. Felina?” “I'm Melina and Felina has gone for the exam.”

“Don't con Felina. You're not Melina.” Shanika said. “How do you know that?” “Melina has a birth mark under her chin. She has shown that to me.” Felina was caught in a tight spot. She felt the whole world crumbling upon her. “No Shanika, I told you that for a joke.

I've no papers today.” “Felina, I came to tell you that I'm attending an interview tomorrow. If I'm selected I can go to work like your sister.”

Shanika said with great enthusiasm. “What's the post?” “Post of Secretary; a good post to start my life.” “I wish you all the best,” Felina said. “Felina, you do your exam well this time. So you can also apply for a job.”


For the next few days Melina and Felina were talking about the examination. They were eagerly waiting for the results. “I'm sure you would have answered all the papers well.” Felina remarked.

“Sure, I did well; and you're passing the exam this time.” “Thanks Melina, but are you sure you'll not get caught?” Felina raised doubt.

“How to?” Melina questioned.

“If I'm getting caught I would have got caught when I was answering the papers.” “In one way that's also true.” “We're identical twins. They'll never catch even my tail.”

A month or so after the GCE O/L examination an official from the Department of Education visited Felina's house. “I'm from the Examination Department. I want to speak to Felina Shibriyan.” “I'm Felina Shibriyan.” Her heart was beating rapidly; she thought that the cat was out of the bag. “Oh! I see, you're Felina Shibriyan. Did you sit the GCE O/L this May?”

“Yes, Sir. What's the problem?” “She was in great trepidation.

“You've written your name as Felina Shibriyan in some papers and in others as Melina Shibriyan.” Then the official referred to his file and said the answer scripts bear the name Melina Shibriyan, Then the official referred to his file and said the answer scripts for English, Mathematics, French and Botany carry the name Felina Shibriyan but the rest of the answer scripts bear the name Melina Shibriyan. Then he looked at Felina who was feeling jittery.

Twin sister

“Who is this Melina?” The official questioned after sometime. “Sir, she is my twin sister; I would have mistakenly written her name in my answer scripts.” “Then I tell you.

You give me a written statement that you've mistakenly written the name in some answer scripts as Melina Shibriyan instead of Felina and that the name Melina refers to the same person Felina.

Felina obliged him with a written statement in accordance to his request. That evening when Melina returned home, Felina broached the subject.

“Melina, fine thing happened today. A person from the examination branch came here; he questioned me why I've written two names in my answer scripts.” Melina was thunderstruck and her eyes goggled in surprise.

“A person from the examination department?”

“Yes, you've blundered; you've written your name in four papers and mine in the rest of the papers.” “May be because I was excited; nothing to worry, Felina.” Melina pacified her and asked.

“What did he say?” Felina explained that she had to issue a written statement that both names belong to the same person. “Sometimes the man may come to you.” “Oh! Nothing to worry, I'll look after that problem.” “Will you get caught Melina?” “Why should I? There's no proof, Felina.”

A week later a written statement was taken from Melina to the effect that she is Felina's twin sister and that she was not involved in anyway in Felina's answer scripts.


Time flitted fast; three months had elapsed and in a week's time the GCE O/L examination results were due to be released. “Felina, this time you'll get all distinction passes.” Melina boasted. “Yes, because you impersonated me.” “You were frightened about getting caught. Did I get caught?”

The two girls were frolicking over their examination chicanery, when there was a tap on their front door. When the door was opened, there stood outside a tall man with a file; there was also a police officer.

“I'm from the CID who is Melina Shibriyan?” The two girls were dumbfounded and stood like statues. The CID officer could not identify the person and so he repeated his question.

“Who of the two is Melina Shibriyan?”

“Myself Sir,” said Melina and came forward. The CID officer fished out some papers from his bag and showed them to Melina.

“The handwriting in your statement and in the answer scripts are the same. Do you admit that?” he questioned.

Melina remained silent; she looked down. The CID officer repeated the question. “I'm asking you, is the handwriting in the two specimens the same?” Melina nodded her head.

“I want an answer from you. Are they the same?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“You've impersonated your sister. I've to take you into custody.”
All the names are fictitious



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