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Government Gazette
Loss of innocence caused by social media a rash assumption

Why fret over Facebook?

Imputing the fault on external influences, is not at all the right way to overcome Facebook crime. In the immediate slip-stream of the tragic losses of children’s lives, an immediate national policy has to be implemented to prevent a “culture shock” and litanies of tragic outcomes.

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The changing face of Colombo

The City of Colombo being the Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka has enormous potential to take off the development much greater than that of other capital cities in the South Asian region. Due to political upheavals that prevailed after Independence in 1948,

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Intellect over mind:

The key to progress and peace

Over the years humanity and the world we live in had achieved a lot of progress. We owe it to science for this achievements. Humans are also said to have evolved from the cavemen to intelligent people moving around in supersonic jets. But when we make a closer look at the quality of the present human life we find that all the progress we have made is lopsided.

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