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Money, money in a rich man's world...

Crisp 5000 rupee notes neatly packed in two parcels ….a smile lights up her face. “This is the profit, I earned for my investment. Fortunately, I invested my money without busting it up” . These were the thoughts flitting through her mind. “I must deposit this money in a bank.

Stacks of forged Rs.5, 000 bills

It is not safe to keep this amount of money at home” she thought and made a beeline to her bank. She waited patiently at the Bank's counter after handing over the money but there was an inordinate delay. She was wondering why it was taking so long for the Bank to give her the receipt of deposit. “Agh! She thought they must be busy. Let them take their time, I will wait patiently until I am called”.

There was a bit of a fluster. Bank employees were giving her funny looks but little did she realise that it was the money pack that she had had handed over was causing all the fluster.

The next thing she knew was two CID officers accosted her and began questioning her. She got the shock of her life. All her plans were shattered. She realised that she had been tricked and all the neatly packed money were counterfeit notes.

The Bank quickly assessed the situation and called in the CID. What happened next was the depositor was questioned as to how she came by the cash.

The victim said that it was money which she had obtained as profit for an investment she had made to the culprit- Hikkaduwaarachchige Krishantha Rawlin Perera of 29/C Mahindarama Road Pasal Mawatha Ethul Kotte.

It was like a scene from a movie, not a real life drama... in next to no time in walks the culprit swaying his hands from side to side. Dressed in stylish clothes no one would ever suspect that here was a man who was into money laundering.

He had quite coolly and boldly walked into the bank with a cheque to be deposited to another account. Not knowing that the police were in the know of his antics , he smilingly walked into the bank.

The Police did not waste a second. On being identified as being the culprit by Dulanjalee,the CID just swooped in on the catch and immediately took the culprit into custody. He was unaware that CID had already been called in and that his name was already noted. The police never envisaged that they would have it so so easy. The culprit just walked into heir hands!

Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana comparing the counterfeit
notes with the real one

Dulanjalee Jayakody nee Premadasa, only daughter of former President Ranasinghe Premadasa had brought the bundle of five thousand rupee notes amounting to rupees two million to be deposited in he account. She was arrested and then she gave a detailed account as to how she came by the money. The media reported the story earlier in the week. Dulanjali had gone with the money to a HSBC bank branch in Cinnamon Gardens. However, within hours the Police reported that they had arrested a suspect who had allegedly handed over the money to Dulanjalee. Police media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said that the former President's daughter had no knowledge that they were fake notes until she was told by the bank and that she received a rude shock.The culprit was a Managing Director of a garment factory. In 2000 he had returned to Sri Lanka after studying in England. He had been engaged with multiple businesses in the country after his return. His family members are still abroad.

Police media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said Dulanjalee had come to the branch of the HSBC bank with two million rupees to be deposited. While she was depositing the money the officers of the bank had identified the money to be fake and had duly informed the CID.The CID officers had rushed to the bank and had immediately launched an investigation into the fake notes. The officers after ascertaining beyond doubt that the currency was counterfeit had questioned Dulanjalee regarding the fake notes. Dulanjalee had told the CID officers that she was given the money by a close friend by the name of Rawlin Perera.

The police found Rs.2,015, 000 in the two parcels of cash brought to be deposited in the bank. They found 403 forged Rs.5, 000 notes in the packs. Dulanjalee had told the Police that she had invested some money with a company and she got two million rupees as profit for her investment.

The suspect was remanded by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya till April 4.While the suspect who was produced before court, CID officer A.D. Nalin Priyadarshana said that Ranjith Tiranjan Ranaweera, Manager of HSBC bank in Cinnamon Gardens Colombo7, had lodged a complaint regarding 403 notes of five thousand rupees fake notes.

Dulanjalee Chadralekha Jayakody was a customer and that she had handed over two million rupees in cash to be deposited, the court was told.After checking the money, Bank officers had found the five thousand rupee notes to be fake.

Following the arrest of the culprit, the police had raided the house of the suspect and had found a a large number of more fake five thousand rupee notes.

They also found some equipment used to print the counterfeit notes. The suspect’s house was in Ethul Kotte.After the Police explained the findings to Court, the suspect was ordered to be remanded by the Magistarte pending further inquiries.

Attorney-at-law Deshan Hewavithana appeared for Dulanjalee and he said his client had accepted the two parcels of money which was given to her by a businessman. She said that she did not count or closely examine the notes. Attorneys-at-law, Leelan Amarakoon and Sanjeewa Senaviratne appeared for the suspect.

Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya remanded the suspect the till April 4.


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