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Winner: A tree monster

This is a tree monster. It’s name is Drakhus. It is dangerous. Inside the tree there is a ghost named Crober. It has a magic necklace. When he gets angry he will eat people. The tree has long and sharp teeth.

Its roots are like snake. It has two fearsome hands. Its branches are creepy. It lives in a monster world. It has creepy friends. It drinks blood. It can walk in dark places. Its nose is ugly. It wakes at midnight. If you see this tree don’t forget to scream!

Winner: Mangrove plants

Plants grow on marshy land associated with rivers, lagoons and estuaries. They are known as mangroves. In the marshy environment there is a mixture of river and sea water, therefore the environment is rich in salt.

Bruguleria and Sonnertia are some common mangrove plants. The mangrove plants have special types of features. They are vivapary and respiratory roots.

The seeds start germination on the mother plant and falls to form a big plant, this is known as vivapary. Some plants have roots like sticks around them on the floor. They are called respiratory roots. These types of special features are normally found in the Sonnertia plant.

Winner: Street children

It is said, “Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders”, but it is not mentioned what sort of leaders they would be. Children from decent, educated and good families become great leaders who could lead society.

Children who are poor and spend their life in the streets can also be leaders but sometimes in a different sense such as terrorism and drug addicts.

Children who are neglected, school dropouts and run away children become a regular pattern in rural areas. These children unfortunately lead a wretched life. They have no place to rest. They find shelter either under a tree or on the pavement. They frequent public places stretching out their hands for alms.

Most governments have enacted laws to protect child rights, but in practice they are of no use since children are often illegally employed. Everyone of us should try to be compassionate and considerate towards these children. The affluent in society could do a noble service by adopting some of the street children.

Winner: He is my hero

Life is something filled with blunders, envy and ecstasy. In everyone’s life there is a person who guides them.

There is a brave person in my life too. At the time of my birth he nourished me. He taught me the correct path. He fulfils my needs and teaches me discipline.

I have no words to express my feelings about that brave, inspiring person. When I am in anguish, he embraces me. When I am lost, he guides me and enlightens me.

He wants to create my identity. Sometimes he is like a colourful art filled with different hues.

Sometimes I am lost with my studies, then he teaches me how to find answers by myself. His deeds are inscrutable. His sensitivity touches my heart and remains in my heart forever.

That inimitable person is none other than my father.
There is no limit to pay homage to our beloved fathers.
“I am immersed in his gaze,
Burnt by his golden sun,
Dazed by his starry heaven,
When it is dust.”

Winner: Knowledge is power

While the word ‘power’ has all along been associated with muscular strength, the word knowledge is connected with the mind. The two words do not seem to have any connection whatsoever.

However, today the word ‘power’ has undergone a tremendous transformation. Today it is recognised that the pen is mightier than the sword. A brainy person and not a muscular person is considered important and a more useful citizen of society.

The present society respects psychologists, philosophers and literary men and women who make great contributions for mankind. A scientist, though physically weak or even a wreck, can cause destruction which hundreds of able bodied men cannot even dream of achieving.

Whatever comfort and luxuries we enjoy today are the direct result of the studies and inventions of men and women of knowledge.

My country

My country is Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Sri Jayewardenepura, Kotte and its business city is Colombo. Our President is Mahinda Rajapaksa.Sri Lanka has a tropical climate. There are nine provinces in our country. The highest mountain is Piduruthalagala and the longest river is the Mahaweli.

Many people live in Sri Lanka. They belong to different races such as Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers. They practise different religions. They are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

Holiday in Sri Lanka

We started our journey from the London airport. When we were just above to leave home to go to the airport my father got a call from the airport that the flight was delayed. We had to go to a hotel in London called Park Inn.

The next day we woke at four o'clock in the morning to take the coach. When we got outside there were many people already outside waiting for the coach. We got into the fifth coach. We counted all our bags before we got into the coach because we had many.

Finally it was the day we were flying. It took us about five hours before we got into the plane because we had to check our passports. We arrived in Sri Lanka at 1.00 a.m. My grandpa and uncle picked us from the airport.

We travelled more than 100 miles by van to get to Matara. When we reached Matara it was 7 o'clock in the morning. We saw the lovely blue sky and the tall palm trees. My father told me to rest for an hour.

On the second day of this fantastic holiday we went to a beach in Matara called Polhena. We had fun running away from the waves. The next day we went to our mother's house in Akuressa. There were some very annoying small blood sucking insects all over.

The next three days were boring because we had nothing to do. We went to Colombo on August 19. It was Sanuti's birthday. My grandparents who lived in Colombo said that they were excited to see us and my uncle too. It was raining the whole day in Colombo. We made paper boats and made them float in the water.

We went to Anuradhapura the next day.We had pancakes for breakfast. We stopped at a hotel in Anuradhapura called Ceybank rest and had our lunch. We visited Ruwanwelisaya, Jethawanaramaya and Lovamahapaya stupas. It was fun. We visited more places such as Sigiriya, Twin Ponds, Moonstone, Thivanka and the Samadi Buddha Statue.

I had a smell of fish, I heard birds sing and I saw the tall palm trees. I had a great journey travelling to Sri Lanka.

My Pet

My pet is a cat. It's name is Browny.It likes to drink milk and it likes to eat meat.

Browny is very playful. I love my petvery much.

My friend

My friend is Mickela. She likes to eat ice-cream and drink milk. She is good and kind.

Mickela is a pretty girl. She is seven years old.

Mischievous Deeds

Once there was a mischievous boy in our class,
He once smashed a glass.
He is jealous of everyone,
And he is showing-off for fun.

He thinks he is shaking his mane,
Not knowing that he hasn't got a mane.
I think of it as a shame,
He is like a glowing flame.

If somebody hits him, he will run,
Down the lane yelling for help,
But all in vain,
But I'm sure showing-off will bring him bane.

It has already brought him bane,
Thank goodness that has made him tame.
And now he is a good boy,
Not like a bad smelling rotten boy.


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