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Sunday, 3 April 2016


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TISSUE CULTURE: Tissue culture is one of the biggest industries in the world. Sri Lanka is quite strong in this sector. However, with proper R&D facilities, modern technologies and with the kind of plants the island has, Sri Lanka could become a fine destination for floriculture breeders. Pic: Shan Rupassara

MORE R&D vital to increase

Floriculture exports:

The growth of Sri Lanka’s commercial floriculture industry is constrained by the absence of proper Research and Development (R&D) and easy access to technologies on breeding and post harvest management, industry, experts said. The potential of the industry as a foreign exchange earner is yet to be tapped.


Improving service delivery will woo more tourists

The preparation of human capital to face the influx of tourism should be made at national and industry level as it no mean task, experts in the country’s tourism industry said. Today, with the country attracting international brands in tourism, fulfilling their human capital needs is paramount to attract the targeted numbers of tourists,


Link wage increases to higher productivity - Planters’ Assn chief

Any increase in wages needs to be linked to higher productivity, as the island lags behind other tea exporting countries in productivity, Chairman, Planters’ Association of Ceylon, Roshan Rajadurai said. The Association represents Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs).


Digital classrooms in 50 schools soon

The Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) with the Ministry of Education hopes to set up 100 digital classrooms in 50 schools across the country, to enhance knowledge on the use of digital technology among students,


SL ratifies Employment Policy Convention

Sri Lanka recently became the 110th Member State of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to ratify its Employment Policy Convention, 1964 (No. 122) which aims to stimulate economic growth and development, raise levels of living standards,


Experts stress need for another base load power plant

Energy sector experts are of the view that with the electricity consumption doubling from around the year 2000, it is urgent and imperative to go for another base load power plant to avert blackouts which impede industrial and commercial activities.

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