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Government Gazette

Speaker with the common touch:

Chamal shines in politics

There are two categories of politicians. Those who become popular due to politics belong to the first category and the second are those who popularise politics for the welfare of the masses with the intention of helping them. They are rare and unique.

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Govt all set to combat dengue menace

Are citizens ready to do their part?:

A clean environment is paramount in the eradication of dengue - unclean dengue-infested locations are, in fact, the root cause of this terrible evil.It is the duty of all citizens to keep their environment clean and take preventive measures, which is the only long-term solution. A combination of Government efforts and cooperation of the society to comply with the prevention measures and controls is mandatory, if this latest scourge that has plagued the country is to be eradicated.

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Prison reforms:

Rehabilitation a priority - DEW

The Prisons Department (PD) was established in 1844. It’s of the few departments in the public service which has not undergone change. All its past commission reports have not even been touched. As a result, a radical transformation is necessary. We want to implement some legal reforms and introduce amendments to the Prisons Ordinance. which came into effect in 1867, and amended a few times thereafter.

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