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DateLine Sunday, 3 June 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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A overseas educated tall, handsome professional mid thirties, managing own company, friendly, caring, loyal, affectionate and good listener, looking for independent minded, pretty lady in her twenties or early thirties in view of marriage. Differences immaterial. Self reply by email preferred [email protected]

A smart, fair and respectable and most importantly independent and self-assured lady with good morale values with exempted obligations between 26-36 is sought by a UK qualified Sinhala/Buddhist Company Director / President involved in Apparels for a touching and affectionate marriage. Differences immaterial. Only honesty and integrity would be valued and appreciated. [email protected]

Beautiful educated daughter is sought for a Catholic / Christian, who is fair, handsome, 5’6”, mid thirties & looks young. Will be in Sri Lanka for a short holidays in June from Middle-East. Girls with Christian background and PR preferred but differences immaterial. Reply immediately with full details. E-mail – [email protected]

BKG mother seeks a well-mannered, educated pleasant daughter for academically and professionally qualified son, 33 years, 5'4" in height, attended leading College in Colombo. Presently employed in a leading Financial Institution in Australia. PR Holder. Father Bank Executive (deceased) please reply with family details and horoscope (non-malefic). E-mail [email protected]

Buddhist / Catholic - Govi parents residing overseas with family seek a well educated or currently studying kind hearted pretty daughter, upbringing with Sinhalese values for their son 26 years old, 5' 8" in height working as an Electronic Engineer (Masters in Electronic Engineering  - overseas Govt. Institution) non-smoker, teetotaller, visiting Sri Lanka in June. Please reply with contact phone, family details and horoscope, in first letter. Email: [email protected]

Canadian permanent resident - Teacher - Buddhist - Widower holidaying in Sri Lanka for 2 1/2 months. Seeks a suitable partner, pleasant looking with dowry below 40 years. Preferably a graduate race and religion immaterial. Those willing to migrate may apply.

G/B Family in Australia seek for son 28, doctor with impeccable character, tall good looking and kind hearted teetotaller and non smoker with a wide variety of interests and brought up according to Sinhala Buddhist values, a partner with similar qualities for marriage. Please reply to email. [email protected] with contact phone number. 

Govi Buddhist Civil Engineer, eldest, 5'6" pursuing a PhD. in a top UK University while employed seeks a fair, slim, pretty, refined girl with good values and reasonable English / below 28. Coming home in July. non-working girls considered. Kandy, Kegalle, Kurunegala, Gampaha preferred. Self-replies welcome. Reply with horoscope, family details. email : [email protected]

Govi Buddhist parents residing in Canada, seek well mannered, accomplished and attractive young daughter in her early twenties, brought up in Sinhala Buddhist culture for their 24 year old son who is pursuing a carrier in professional  Aeronotics (and further  higher studies), also qualified in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and well employed in Canadian Government sector. Grew up in a traditional S/B home in Sri Lanka / Canada (Kuja in 7). Please reply with complete details with horoscope. [email protected]

Kandyan Govi Buddhist parents in Australia seek a Doctor, Dentist or any other professionally qualified daughter for their 24 1/2 years old, 5'11", MBBS qualified son, who values Sinhala Buddhist culture. Please reply with family details. All replies treated with confidentiality. [email protected]

Moor parents with American citizenship looking for a fair slim pleasant active professionally qualified graduate girl willing to live in America, for their son American citizen holding Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree 5'7" tall religious and well employed in government Sector in America. Reply with full details in first letter with contact number.

Negombo Govi RC / Christian Josephian 31 y., 5' 3 1/2" parents seek a pretty daughter with means for their only son  a Senior Officer in an Airline company drawing salary over 350000/= with perks living abroad frequent weekend home visits. Contact - 94-31-4926623. 

Professional parents of Kandyan GB origin currently based overseas seek an educated daughter for their 26 year old Australian-SL dual citizen son employed with benefits in Sydney. He had his school education in SL and has dual masters in Engineering and Finance from two top-tier universities in USA and Australia. He is 6 feet tall a non-smoker Bi-lingual and well established. Proposed must be Buddhist and bi-lingual (No exemptions) and willing to settle in Australia. Current students and those living in Aus/NZ are most welcome. Consent of proposed for parents to introduce a partner for an association must be indicated on initial reply. Contact via email is preferred. Please reply with horoscope or date, time and place of birth to [email protected]

Uncle (living in Canada) seeks  a partner for his nephew presently in Toronto, Canada on a visit. He is 30 years old, handsome Sinhalese Catholic. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Completed his studies and living in Australia (Australian permanent resident). Willing to relocate to Canada. e-mail: [email protected]



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