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DateLine Sunday, 3 June 2007





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Government Gazette

British Prime Minister Tony Blair (L) shakes hands with Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi following a two-hour meeting at the Colonel’s headquarters in Sirte near Tripoli recently. Blair who arrived Tuesday in Libya at the start of a three-nation African tour less than a month before he leaves office, emerged from Qadhafi’s tent to describe their discussions as “positive and constructive.” AFP 

Catalysts in reshaping global politics

The meeting at ambassadorial level between the US and Iran on the Iraqi issue in Baghdad, no less than the historic handshake between visiting British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in Sirte, Libya, could be considered two recent breakthrough events which could re-shape international politics in a positive direction.

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NATO soldier among 11 killed in Afghanistan

A NATO soldier was killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan Friday while two Afghan women and a policeman died in attacks elsewhere linked to a deepening Taliban insurgency, officials said. The interior ministry also announced that six "enemies" were killed when they tried to abduct a policeman or one of his relatives from his home late Thursday.

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AP cameraman killed in Baghdad

An Iraqi journalist working for Associated Press Television (APTN) was shot dead Thursday by gunmen as he went to a mosque near his Baghdad home, AP announced on its website.

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