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DateLine Sunday, 3 June 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically / professionally qualified sober partner (46 - 49) sought by Colombo Bodu / Govi parents for fair attractive well qualified daughter Senior Executive foreign organisation. Reasonable assets. Partners living abroad also considered. Expecting to migrate to foreign country. Pls reply with family details, horoscope and contact number. Email: [email protected]

Buddhist Durawa parents seek educated partner their daughter ACIM UK 26, 5'4" employed inherits assets worth millions. [email protected]

Buddhist parents (US citizens) seek educated professional partner with sober habits, under 34, willing to reside US, for their well brought-up 29-yr-old 5'3" height pretty eldest daughter, BSc and MSc from top US universities, well employed in USA. Please reply with family details and horoscope. email: [email protected]

Colombo suburb Govi Buddhist mother seeks suitable partner for pleasant 5'2" 46 yrs daughter never married looking younger working in a leading department IT professional owns land and other assets caste religion age immaterial divorcees considered write English/Sinhala. Email: [email protected] 

G/B respectable professional parents from Kandy seek a partner for the youngest daughter 26, 5' 2" fair, slim, pretty English Teacher (College of Education). Email [email protected]

GB parents from well respected  families seek for their pretty accomplished 28 year old daughter, graduate in HR from abroad now working in Sri Lanka a handsome teetotaller with extremely good qualities. She owns properties.  Horoscope essential. 

GB parents from well respected  families seek for their pretty accomplished graduate daughter 30, working  now in Sri Lanka after studies abroad a handsome teetotaller with extremely good qualities. She is a professional with wealth. Horoscope essential. 

GB parents seek well employed Professional / Businessman 41-48 preferably working abroad for daughter 41 pretty slim v. young looking executive working USA. Visiting end May. Respond with details / H'scope. [email protected] 

Kandyan Buddhist sister seeks partner for Ministry Directress sister with postgraduate qualifications abroad, English speaking, healthy and good personality. Partner below 52 yrs. 5 million assets. Salary 50000. Divorcees without children can respond. E-mail [email protected] Tel. 94776306300.

Kandyan Radala Buddhist parents seek a suitable partner for fair pretty professionally qualified daughter Senior Executive in the garment sector. Height 5'3", age 25 yrs. Reply with details and horoscope. e-mail: [email protected]

Nugegoda B/G parents seek a professionally qualified partner with a pleasing personality for their daughter who is working in a leading bank, 28, 5'4" slim pretty graduated & CIMA qualified. Inherits upstair house Nugegoda & a new car. Divorced as an innocent party from 6 months marriage. Kuja 2 . Reply full details & horoscope.

Parents residing Australia seek educated partner below 30 yrs for qualified outgoing daughter 25 yrs (5'5") Buddhist preferred. She will be in Colombo end August. Email: [email protected]

Respectable Govigama Buddhist parents permanent residents of U.S.A. seek a kind hearted professionally qualified partner with sober habits for their only daughter 34 years and 5'2" she is very kind, pleasant with an honors degree in Accountancy from a leading university in U.S.A. is employed in a prestigious bank in U.S.A. E-mail: [email protected] T.P. 6108953492.

S/B family is searching educated partner for daughter working in USA. She is a Scientist, she is 42 yrs. never married attractive, she had post-graduate studies from USA. E-mail: [email protected] 



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