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DateLine Sunday, 30 September 2007





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Government Gazette

There are countless mushroom international schools operating all over the island. While all other schools are guided and monitored by the Ministry of Education, it is not understood why only these so-called international schools in particular, carry on regardless without any guidelines or supervision by the State.

This is a grave situation which has to be remedied forthwith in the interest of the parents of such students who subscribe for the existence of these schools through great hardship paying exorbitant sums as school fees.

Most of these international schools attract parents with the words international school displayed on their signboards and thereby merely creating a pseudo image to themselves.

Also, a short-fall in the teaching staff is a common feature in most of these international schools and many are understaffed to make matters worse. Then comes the quality standards of the personnel engaged in the directorate and management field in many of these international schools.

Most of them do not even possess the basic educational requirements. This is a sad situation in most our international schools. Hence it is heartening that the Ministry of Education has been awakened to the reality of this situation and is in a process of presenting a bill in Parliament to register all these schools and arrest this sad situation.

Security is secure

Our security forces have once again accomplished a remarkable victory in identifying and destroying three floating warehouses, about which all peace loving citizens should be happy.

If the consignment therein arrived safely on our shores, the destruction it would have caused to life and property would have been immense, sinking our country in stages. This behaviour of the LTTE confirms beyond doubt that they are not for peace which is pathetic and regrettable.

The timely detection by the Navy is extremely commendable, confirming that if there is a will there is a way, while assignments when entrusted to right people with experience and determination, they are bound to strike success, similar to the one above.

However, let's hope that this bloody war which is sucking the country white would end with both sides sincerely agreeing to a negotiated permanent settlement. In doing so they should not try to have the cake as well as eat it, while their sympathisers should not encourage same, ending the process with a coma, and not with a fullstop.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service

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