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DateLine Sunday, 30 September 2007





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically and professionally qualified partner (from Sri Lanka or USA) is sought by respectable Govigama Buddhist parents for their daughter reading for PhD in USA 32 years, 5'1" fair, pretty, well mannered and a university lecturer by profession. Visiting Sri Lanka in a week. Please respond with copy of horoscope and family details. Email: [email protected].

Academically/professionally qualified handsome partner is sought by respectable Catholic parents (Govi) for their kind hearted, pleasant, (MBBS) Doctor, daughter (Pursuing Post Graduate Studies), she is 28, V/fair, 5'6", slim / pretty with substantial assets. Reply with details and T/P No. or E-mail to [email protected]

Academically professionally qualified partner sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents for their attractive daughter well mannered, values Sinhala Buddhist Culture, 33 years, 5'3", Computer Engineer UK / SL dual citizen working in UK assets in UK and Sri Lanka. [email protected]

Aunt seeks partner for well employed Doctor widow kind attractive 51 years, possesses houses property cash over Rs.25 million.

Australian Sri Lankan professional parents (K/G/B/C) (Christian parents Buddhist background) seek suitable partner for daughter an MBBS Doctor, working in Australia 30 years in October 5'2" slim pretty well mannered, an Australian citizen. Prefer MBBS Doctor who is already working in Australia/New Zealand/UK or Sri Lanka and willing to relocate. No differences. Prefer reply with details by email - [email protected]

A Govi Buddhist parents seek a suitable partner for their daughter, she is 31 years, 5'3" studying abroad for Ph.D. divorced after a short period of marriage. Reply with horoscope. Email [email protected]

A professionally qualified B/G partner is sought by mother for fair slim pretty 5' 2 1/2" daughter Management Accountant (ACMA) born 1974 Nov. with Australian P.R. Reply with horoscope, family details. [email protected]

A suitable partner sought for a Sinhala, Buddhist, 42 yrs. old (looks much younger) daughter. Pretty, fair, educated, residing and employed in Australia. Differences immaterial. Please reply with birth details (time a.m. or p.m. date and town) or horoscope. Email [email protected]

BG parents seek educated professional for 34 yr daughter fair slim attractive 5'3" Software Engineer assets over 50 m including modern Colombo house, horoscope essential.

Bodu Govi parent and elders seek professionally qualified partner for their 44 y (looking young) fair and pleasant Engineer daughter with dowry. Reply with full details. email: [email protected]

Brother seeks for their sister G/B graduated pleasant unmarried teacher 42+ 5'2" but looks younger new car van 15 lakhs. Cash land near Colombo as dowry expected pleasant educated below 46 partner. Others no differences. [email protected]

Buddhist Durawa professional parents from Colombo seek educated partner for daughter 25 years 5'6", slim, fair, attractive, pleasing personality, primary and secondary education in leading school Colombo, tertiary education University, Australia, presently reading for Masters while holding permanent position in multinational company Australia drawing good salary. She has reasonable assets in Colombo. Reply with details, horoscope, caste immaterial. [email protected]. 94-777586405

Catholic parents seek suitable partner for tall (5'6") daughter 36 years educated in a leading Colombo convent, CIMA qualified and working as an Accountant in a private organisation. Intends migrating to Australia after marriage. Reply with details emial [email protected]

Colombo suburb Buddhist Deva father company director mother retired Bank Manager seek suitable partner below 35 for their daughter 31 Medical Doctor employed in Government Services. She is pretty European looking (blonde hair) carries family assets. Reply with copy of horoscope and telephone number caste immaterial.

G/B parents in Australia seek educated partner for 22 year old daughter completing MBBS Degree this year Doctor, Engineer or other professional living in or moving to Australia preferred. Please reply with horoscope, and family details. Email: [email protected]

G/B parents living Australia seek their daughter, Engineer working Govt. Dept in Australia, 5'1" tall fair pretty 29 years, (looks younger) professionally qualified person with sober habits, who could work Australia. She visiting Sri Lanka in December for short holiday. Send family details copy of horoscope.

G/B parents living in Australia seek a suitable partner for their fair, pretty, 26+, 5'1" daughter with PhD in Engineering, currently working for a multi-national consulting firm in Australia. She is kind, respectful, down to earth and brought up to appreciate Sri Lankan values with fluency in both Sinhala and English. Prospective son-in-law should be similar in character, educated with good qualities and morals. Should be willing to migrate to Australia. Please e-mail with details and contact numbers to, [email protected]

G/B parents seek for pretty only daughter 38 yrs. 5'3" qualified and well-employed abroad a suitable partner preferably in US Australia Canada. Divorced after few months, innocent party. No encumbrances. Owns substantial assets. Email: [email protected]

Govi, Buddhist parents seek a partner for their daughter 34 years 5'6" tall Accountant working in a well established organisation. [email protected]

Karawe Buddhist established family in Colombo seek a professionally & academically qualified established partner from a respectable family for MBBS Doctor daughter 42 years. Young looking 53 slim, fair and attractive. Divorced & unencumbered. Caste immaterial. Genuine callers only. Phone 94-773445856.

Professional Sinhalese Buddhist parents, living overseas seek a partner for their only daughter 30 years old, 5' 4" tall. She is employed and has degrees in Law and Business Management. preference given to a professional person below 36 years and living in Australia, New Zealand or the UK. Caste immaterial. Please send all details with a copy of horoscope and the telephone number to MP or Email: [email protected]

Respectable G/B family seeks a professionally qualified partner for daughter, IT Graduate 38 years British citizen, living in UK, divorced after a brief unsuccessful proposed marriage, no encumbrances respond with horoscope, family details, UK residents and professionally eligible to work in UK welcome [email protected]

Salagama / Govi Buddhist professional parents seek a professionally qualified kind-hearted son with reading as a pass-time for their highly accomplished only-child daughter, dual (Australian) citizen, now state-counsel and university visiting lecturer in English, ATCL speech & Drama. She is 30 y, 5'3", slim, fair. Horoscopes to match Rahu 7, Rewathi, Uthrasala, Aswitha, Uthrapal, compatible. Others welcome. Please send son / family horoscope details. e-mail [email protected]

SBK parents father retired from Government Service, seek a suitable partner for their 30 years, 5'3" fair smart pretty daughter working in a private Company in Dubai as an Administrator. Please reply with horoscope full details of family & contact Phone Number. [email protected]

SBK professional parents seek a suitable partner with sober habits for their 27 years daughter MBBS Doctor. She is fair slim pretty 5'3" having substantial assets in Colombo. Please reply with horoscope full details of family & contact Phone Number. [email protected]

Uncle seeks suitable partner for pleasant niece just 32 years presently in U.S.A. reading for her PhD pending divorce after short marriage seeking a loving educated out-going (fluent in English) preferably a person in U.S.A. Reply with copy of horoscope. Kuja Rahu 7th House. E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 94-714943940.




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