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Government Gazette

Stand taken by Moon’s panel:

Brutal misuse of hospitals by LTTE

Contradictory reports:

Claims of Forces’ systematic shelling not substantiated:

Over the last couple of years we have had repeated assertions that Sri Lankan forces attacked hospitals with heavy weaponry. This is taken up in a very strong statement by the Panel, appointed by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, which states that “The Government systematically shelled hospitals on the frontlines.

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Role of the UN and vested interests

It was in 1948 that the vast majority of States signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, committing themselves to respect over 30 separate rights for individuals. As it was not a legally binding declaration and contained no enforcement provisions, the Declaration left States’ sovereignty intact,

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Our prayers for peace have been answered:

Christians invoke blessings on Good Friday

Christians all over the world commemorated Good Friday on April 22. Churches belonging to the various sects in the country experienced an influx of devotees on the day which marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago.

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10-year master plan to be launched shortly:

National Hospital to be a centre of excellence

The National Hospital, Colombo caters to people from all walks of life. Rich or poor, almost everyone has been there, at least once in their lifetime, visiting a loved one or as a patient. Not long ago the atmosphere and the experience there sent chills up the spine. But the place is on the way to a great transformation.

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