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Marriage Proposals
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Academically professionally qualified fair pretty well mannered daughter below 26 years height above 5’3” is sought by B/G parents for their son 31 years. He is academically and professionally qualified a Chartered Accountant and working as a Manager in a leading professional services company in New Zealand. Height 5’10” and a non smoker, should be willing to settle down in New Zealand. Reply with full details and copy of horoscope to match kuja in the 7th House email: [email protected]

Affluent Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo seek a pleasant, educated partner from a respectable family for their 30 years old, 6 ft tall, smart son. He was educated in the UK and possess BSc and Masters Degrees. Currently employed in a multinational company as a Business Development Manager in the UK. Non-smoker, teetotaller. Please reply with family details, copy of horoscope and contact details. E-mail - [email protected]

Age 25, Foreign Degree, employed, handsome, non-smoking son. Parents seek fair daughter, academically / professionally qualified. Preferably from overseas. Reply with contact, horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]

Age 29 in May fair handsome 5’10” employed in a major investment bank overseas attend a prestigious International School Colombo 7 read his bachelor’s degree in a prominent university U.K. British passport holder with interest in sports. Both parents educated in U.K. and P/R holders. Father worked as M/D in a leading International Company Colombo. Well established family. Sinhala Buddhist. Father Salagama mother from very respectable family from Colombo 6. Seeking a professionally qualified beautiful daughter. Chandra Shani 7th House. Please reply with horoscope. Religion caste immaterial. E-mail: [email protected]

An educated pretty fair partner sought by G/B parents for their son 30 years old 5’10’’ tall. He was educated in UK/Sri Lanka, possesses IT and Master degree currently employed in London dual citizen non smoker teetotaller, father specialist Doctor. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

A fair pretty educated daughter is sought by G/B affluent well educated parents for their son 27 yrs old 6 ft. handsome Chartered Accountant with Postgraduate qualifications holding a very high position in a leading company. He has been well provided for, and inherits a substantial wealth. Please send full details with horoscope. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed. Email: [email protected]

A pretty bride is sought by B/V parents from Colombo for their Lawyer son currently working in a Legal Office in Colombo. He is fair, handsome, 5’9’’ in height, non-smoker, 36 years with LLB Honors (UK), Attorney-at-Law and a Green Card holder. He owns substantial income generating assets in Colombo suburbs and a tea estate. Reply with family details & horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]

Buddhist Govi parents Colombo seek fair pretty slim qualified daughter willing to migrate for 32 y handsome IT Engineer citizen Australia 5’10’’ horoscope essential. [email protected]

Buddhist Govi respectable parents in Colombo seek well mannered qualified slim pretty daughter from a respectable family for their eldest son age 34 5’8’’ Product Manager in a leading bank in UK, PR holder. Kuja in 12th house. Please reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Buddhist Govi / Vishwa, mother seeks educated, pretty below 30 daughter for son 36 years, 5’4” Naval Officer sitting for captain Examination this year Australian Diploma holder owns land in Colombo, motor vehicle. Tel. 0112719115. Email: [email protected]

B/K Prof. parents seek an accomplished, pretty partner living in Australia for 28 yr. old good looking CPA prize winning, sportsman son, currently finance manager of a large Australian company. Apply to: [email protected]

Catholic Salagama parent residing in Sweden (Europe) seeks a suitable partner for only son, 29 years, 5’9” fair, handsome, social, well mannered and brought up with Sri Lankan traditions / values. He has a MSc in Computer Science and is working as a Project Manager / Technical Lead at a well reputed multinational company. We are looking for a fair, pretty and kind hearted partner who is willing to migrate to Sweden. Please reply with family details to [email protected]

Christian partner is sought for lady Doctor of 30 years. Send all details in first mail [email protected] Box No. 87958, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Colombo B/G parents (father retired teacher) seek a pretty daughter from an ordinary family, for their son 29+ years, 5’5’’ engineer (Moratuwa, BSc) with fair complexion. E-mail: [email protected]

Colombo parents of Sinhala Buddhist a respectable family is looking for a well educated suitable partner for their son Engineer working in very famous company in America (Aged 31 and height 5’10”) Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Educated, pretty and well mannered partner below 22 years from a similar family sought by Kandyan Buddhist Radala parents for their son 23 Engineering undergraduate in USA to build up a relationship for a future marriage. He is 5’8” fair handsome had his education at a prestigious college in Kandy. Respond with full details. [email protected]

Govigama Buddhist well-educated parents from Colombo seek a suitable bride from a similar background for their son, 31 years, 5’11’’, employed as a Doctor with citizenship in Australia. Please reply with full family details, horoscope and contact number. E-mail: [email protected]

Kandy B/G/V mother seeks an accomplished daughter who is willing to reside in USA for son 31 5’6” N/S T/T Software Engineer PR in USA, now in SL for a short visit. Email: [email protected]

Moor Colombo parents seek fair pretty educated religious bride for University educated Software Engineer 26 yrs., 5’8” well employed reputed firm in Colombo and USA. Email: [email protected]

Moor Colombo respectable parents seek religious fair pretty educated tall bride for Engineer son with MBA 29 years 5’11” religious non-smoking teetotaller working as Manager in UK with HSMP Visa. Email: [email protected]

Moor parents Colombo, seek for CIMA Accountant son 27 yrs - 6 ft working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, coming on vacation, a well mannerd, religious, educated, pretty, attractive bride below 25 yrs around 5 ft-6 inches for Mahar E-mail: [email protected]

Moor parents from Colombo seek for their son age 31 height 5’5’’ completed higher studies and working in Australia a pretty qualified partner for early marriage and migrate to Australia or preferably living in Australia. E-mail: [email protected]

Moor parents from respectable educated family seek pretty fair English educated bride willing to migrate for only son fair handsome 30, 5’9’’ brought up with Islamic values graduated and employed in UK as qualified Accountant. [email protected]

Moor parents seeking partner for Senior Software Engineer son practising Muslim, draws six-figure salary 1980 born. Apply with full details in first mail. [email protected]

Moor professional based USA seeks intelligent bride above 32 yrs, 6ft tall, age 42. All are welcome to apply [email protected]

Our only son born 1970 well qualified, in a highly placed position at a reputed company in USA wishes to communicate with a slim suitable girl fluent in English from a respectable family. Preferably she may be resident in USA. He is a smart tall non-smoker with many desirable qualities, a US citizen, please telephone Colombo (9411) 2698353.

Parents residing in USA seek professionally qualified, pretty, well brought up Sinhala / Buddhist daughter below 30, with Sri Lankan values, preferably living in USA, for handsome, well mannered, only son, 33, 5’10” Doctor (MD). Previously registered only and now annulled. Reply with horoscope & family details. Email: [email protected]

RC Karawa professional parents in Australia seek a pretty bride a young Doctor or final year medical undergrad only from an affluent family for their handsome eldest son B.Com Syd. Australia 29 years 5’10” currently Financial and Marketing Professional (Snr. grade) Northern Districts. Dept. of Health NSW Government. Please reply in detail to email: [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist / Christian respectable parents from England seek a pretty, slim, well mannered, academically and professionally qualified daughter for their well established British citizen son, 33 yrs, 6’1” IT Manager (BSc, MSc) working for a reputed company in England. Responses only from the UK are appreciated. Email - [email protected]

Sinhala Catholic parents currently in Sri Lanka seeking simple pretty daughter with family oriented attitudes unblemished character to introduce to our son born 1986 November 5’8’’ smart UK qualified medical Engineer B.Eng. MSc. accomplished sportsman with degree. Parents who are seriously interested in pursuing please send details with Visuals. [email protected]

Tamil parents seek an Indian Tamil English educated girl under 30 years for their son who lives abroad. Caste and religion immaterial. Reply with detail horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Well connected Kandyan Radala parents seek for Doctor son working in Australia, born 1980, 5’9”, pleasant mannered, fluent in English & Sinhalese, dual citizen with assets over 50 million a well educated pretty daughter with a good character from a similar background and willing to live in Australia. Reply with family details, horoscope. Tel. No. and email address.

W/P B/G / Karawa parents seek an educated fair pretty daughter for 30 years 5’9” Accountant holding PR in Australia also running a business Rahu 7 Ketu 1 Reply those who above 5’4” with telephone & all details. T.P. 0342279900. [email protected]



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