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Easter messages

President's Easter message:

Love and understanding can help in reconciliation

"The Christian message of love and understanding can help much in the process of reconciliation now taking place in our country to take us towards a lasting peace and unity.

Christ's message of tolerance and understanding can also help free people and nations from the many conflicts that threaten peace today and also help the crisis faced by society due to the growing belief in opulence", said President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his Easter message.

The following is the text of the message:

"Christians in Sri Lanka join those of their faith, the world over to celebrate Easter that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion and death at Calvary.

Jesus Christ, born among humans as the son of God, devoted his years of preaching the message of love to all beings, in a mission considered as one to save mankind from the burden of sin; a burden he took upon himself.

His new message of loving one's neighbour as oneself had a resonance that cut through all social and national barriers, extending to loving the lowest in society and all beings on earth.

Jesus' teachings among a small community have spread throughout the world as the foundation of Christianity, which is among the major religions in the world.

The Christian message of love and understanding can help much in the process of reconciliation now taking place in our country take us towards a lasting peace and unity.

Jesus' message of tolerance and understanding can also help free people and nations from the many conflicts that threaten peace today, and also help overcome the crisis faced by society due to the growing belief in opulence.

Today's commemoration of the resurrection of Christ, as it strengthens the belief of Christians in Sri Lanka in the divinity of Christ, would help spread his message of love and understanding, and the need for simplicity in life throughout our land.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter", the message said.

An earnest wish for peace and harmony - PM

Easter is an important festival to us as it is the day when Jesus Christ's resurrection took place, bringing the message of kindness, equality among mankind and harmonious living among communities to his spiritual disciples and people of the world, said Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne issuing an Easter message.

He said: "As a nation which suffered immensely within the clutches of terrorism, and now healing the wounds of heinous atrocities, the lessons we could learn from the life of Jesus are many. He has taught us to admit one's mistakes politely and correct and pardon ourselves when and where possible.

What is essential is to determine to be a true practising follower of Jesus and not being Catholic for the sake of the word.

Then only the true meaning of Easter and ambitions and expectations of Jesus will be accomplished.Let us pray at this Easter for a Sri Lankan community that is bound together with peace and harmony."

'Let this be a moment for us to be closer to Jesus' - Catholic Bishops' Conference

The Catholic Bishops' Conference in Sri Lanka, in an Easter message signed by its President His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and Secretary General, His Lordship Norbert M. Andradi, said: "Once again we celebrate the most central fact of the Christian Faith: The Resurrection of Jesus. It is the Lord's Passover, His glorious transition from death to life and it is so crucial for our Christian existence.

St. Paul affirms that "if Christ has not been raised, then our proclamation has been in vain and your faith has been in vain" (1 Corinthians 15:14) and that "we know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him" (Romans 6:9). Let us join with the universal Church and rejoice in the Lord and thank the Lord for our unique gift of faith in the Risen Saviour.

As we joyfully celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, let us also become conscious of the many obligations it carries. It is not to be a mere external celebrations. It needs to touch and affect our lives. All of us "who have been baptised into His death" (Romans 6:3), and are called to share in His resurrection are duty bound to make the Lord's Passover a reality in our lives by moving from death to life just as He did. Thus our celebration invites all of us to share in the new life of the resurrection.

However, we realise that our society today abounds with signs of death as well. The ordinary person, amidst the increasing cost of living, finds life almost unbearable. Our roads have become increasingly dangerous and deaths due to road accidents have become most tragic and alarming. Murders of the innocent have become staggering. Women and our children in particular have become increasingly vulnerable as instances of sexual assault have increased.

Blessed John Paul of revered memory exhorted the world that amidst signs of death that surround us, the Church ought to be at the service of life (Evanglium Vitae). The Season of Easter is a very apt moment to be reminded of this very specific evangelical obligation. Our joyful celebration of the resurrection of the Lord invites us to be at the service of life while respecting it in all its forms.

This obligation is all the more upon us as we live in the post-conflict context of Sri Lanka since reconciliation is the greatest challenge of the hour.

True reconciliation and our journey to the future demands that we acknowledge the past, however, painful it might be, learn the lessons we ought to, redress the injustices perpetrated wherever they may be and be determined not to repeat the same mistakes of the past. We need to let the blood that flows from the Cross of Christ heal our wounds, mindful of our Christian obligation to forgive one another just as God has forgiven us in Christ.

We are called upon to share in the new life of the resurrection with all those who suffer the pains of death in its multiple forms in our society today. If true harmony and reconciliation are to become a reality, we need to recognise the many pains of the poor and the afflicted of our society. We are duty bound to identify the many wounds of our society, both past and present, and do all we can to heal them. Only such an option would enable us to move on effectively to the future.

Therefore, let us not merely recall the historical resurrection of the Lord, but really and truly come to experience today the new life it offers. Thus such a celebration would affect our lives both as individuals and as community, enabling us to experience the new life the resurrection offers.

Despite all the challenges that surround us, the resurrection of the Lord draws our attention to the most basic facts of our faith. Jesus who lived among us in time is truly risen and that He is alive in our midst today. He journeys together with all of us. Let us become truly conscious of His living presence in our lives today and that He, in and through us, is involved in making this world a place more pleasing to the Father.

Therefore, let this Easter celebration be a moment for us to come closer to Jesus and be with Him, share in the new life He offers us. Let us thus become an Easter people and join with Him in the work of building up His Kingdom, namely making this world of today more in harmony with the most holy will of God, His Father.

We invite all our faithful to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who is the gift of the Risen Saviour, for our leaders and our people so that we would be engaged in effective and determined efforts at reconciliation, harmony and unity in our country.

The Catholic Bishops' Conference in Sri Lanka wishes all our faithful a Happy Easter and an abundant sharing in the new life of the Resurrection."


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