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Malinee Jayasinghe Peris


From the sublime to the mobile phone

In a country renowned, more for its dilettantes in the local classical music scene, Malinee Jayasinghe Peris was one of the first to break free from those accepted norms of self-satisfied amateurism by taking the brave step of leaving these shores to professionalise and internationalize the art form of the Sri Lankan solo pianist.

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City, cinema and culture

The relationship between city, cinema and culture is as fascinating as it is complex. Cinema emerged as an urban art form and culture has from the very inception of cinema been a vital force that shaped it in manifold ways. In the next two columns I wish to explore this relationship paying close attention to the Calcutta trilogy of Satyajit Ray.

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Cultural Scene

Defining a phase of Hindi

In this week’s column, I focus on the vital role that Hindi plays in the postcolonial India and the role it played in unifying diverse political entities under the flag of India. I concluded last week’s column with an important observation by Travedi who states, “The new national identity of India,

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