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Poson : A spiritual passion

Spiritual changes are at times so dramatic and swift, that they may take place between “one breath and another”. However speedy such spiritual shifts may be, their dynamic momentum propels history forward for ages, transforming individuals, multitudes and whole cultural systems writing human destiny in an entirely new idiom.

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Appeal of Buddhist art remains universal

The mighty conqueror Asoka, after been transformed into one of the most compassionate monarchs, sent out missionaries to all parts of the world to spread the noble and appealing message of the Buddha. Of the numerous missionaries that left India, the cradle of Buddhism, Mahinda Thera came to Sri Lanka on a Poson Poya day 300 years after the death of the Buddha.

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Poson heralds advent of Buddhism

According to Buddhist history, many important events had taken place on the Poson Full Moon Poya Day. It was on this day that a Buddhist mission, led by Ven. Arahat Mahinda Thera,the son of Emperor Dharmasoka of India arrived in Sri Lanka to introduce Buddhism.

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