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‘More sandbags, police pickets in south Delhi than Jaffna’

Last week, I sent a Twitter message from the Jaffna town, which I was visiting after 25 years. “There are more sandbags and police pickets in south Delhi”, I observed, “than there are in Jaffna town.” This terse message, based entirely on my observation, provoked howls of protest. Various individuals responded,

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Solid waste management by LG bodies :

Garbage separation to be popularised

The mountains of garbage in the outskirts of Colombo city and adjoining areas created headlines in the media during the past few months as garbage in Colombo became a controversial topic. Protests over the mountains of garbage raises many issues with regard to the management of solid waste in the country.

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Three-member committee to probe fishermen’s recent tragedy

The recent cyclonic catastrophe that devastated the coastal belt and cost many lives, is a natural disaster that shocked the country after the tsunami in 2004. With a death toll of 51 fishermen who were drowned in the sea and over 40 fishing boats capsizing, from the Western to the Southern coastal belt – the incident raised alarm bells.

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