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Young girls playing the rabana

Values behind Avurudu rituals help shape society

Prof. J.B. Disanayaka said the importance of Avurudu is not the preservation of rituals or customs that had been carried on since the olden days but preservation of their meaning which symbolises certain values that help shape a society.

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Arrest of Nanthagopan:

Turning point in battle against LTTE remnants

Nanthagopan was active in Southeast Asia but travelled to the Middle East. He came to the attention of several governments and was under watch for a considerable period before arrest. As Nanthagopan did not disclose he was a member of a terrorist group, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was processing his claim for refugee status,

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Peaceful New Year due to sacrifices of soldiers:

Let's salute our heroes

There are undoubtedly some serious social problems in Britain and while some things have got worse, many have improved. Moreover, perceptions of some problems are increasingly wide off the mark. Despite all these problems, British leaders waste a greater volume of their precious time to poke their fingers into Sri Lanka's internal matters.

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