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Prof. D.C.R.A. Goonetilleke

Renaissance in art and culture

A part of my pleasure in being published by reputed publishers abroad stemmed from the belief that I was blazing a trail for younger academics to follow, and I do hope they will. When I was halfway through my career, the late Ian Goonetilleke (incidentally, he is not a relative of mine), Sri Lanka’s greatest bibliographer, said that “I was on a lonely eminence.” This should not be the case.

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Reading the hand behind Aryavarta

An interview with Krishna Udayasankar:

A writer, with the power of words, can create and recreate entire lives and worlds driving the reader’s imagination to lengths that may have been thought not possible. The power of a writer’s imagination and style of delivery to form a compelling narrative that creates a bestseller is to be saluted.

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Down memory lane in old Lahore

All his paintings were marvellous. The brush would never have strayed nor the hand shaky. The brushstrokes were firm and powerful all the way up and down and across the canvas. He was a small man with a large canvas before him. It mattered little as he stretched himself even to reach the top edge of his painting. Though it looked painful to me, he was much at ease. Of course, he had long hands compared with his body.

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