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Ga-yanta takes on Love-Slave

Saa-jeet, the Love-Slave is on an image-boosting mission after the Green's Western and Southern PC polls defeat, saying that only the district he spearheaded had shown an improvement. However, Ga-yanta asked whether the You-En-Pee won the Galle electorate due to Love-Slave's campaign.

Ka-roo, Johnna battle for acting post

Green veterans Ka-Roo and Wattala Johnna are trying to outdo each other in the absence of Ra-Blue who is on a month-long study stint in the You-Ess. While Ka-Roo says that he is the acting leader of the party as the leadership council head, Johnna says he is more superior as he is overseeing the functions of the Op Leader.

Big Lady blind to two-thirds majority

Retired Big Lady opened her big mouth again, saying that she could have sought another term at the end of her second term if she had wanted. But only god knows how she could have done so when she enjoyed only a wafer thin majority, just one more seat in her first term. Perhaps, she had been blind to the mandatory two-thirds majority.

Whither Bah-hoo's vote base?

Bah-hoo says that his party had experienced severe erosion in its vote base by contesting the elections that are provincial under the You-En-Pee and would not do so in the future. One wonders whether Bah-hoo had any vote base, for that matter. An irate Love-Slave had said that Ra-Blue had made a big blunder by inviting 'three-wheeler' parties to contest under the Elephant symbol.


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