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DateLine Sunday, 30 September 2007





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Government Gazette

Mistaken call

Big Potato-S, who comes through a way that has a gate, wanted to make a sinister move with the man who speaks at the House of Diyawanna. But the ex-principal did not know that he had accidentally called Gata's mobile, instead of Banda, the big.

Ra-Blue's lullaby

A few party stalwarts have warned Ra-Blue not to copy MR. "Sir, Please don't get offended but I feel you should have your own identity," an Em Pee from Five-Village told Ra-Blue after the leader tried a lullaby at Ni-Gam-boo night bazaar, where he also gave a thousand-rupee note to a woman who complained about COL.

'Dream' father

Remember the manner Wedding Sam held a Buddha statue by the head when he was a Mee-nista? It's exactly what inexperienced Ra-Blue did when he tried to hold a child at Ni-Gam-boo. "Perhaps he wanted to get a fatherly feeling for a moment, something he would never experience in real life," an onlooker whispered.

Milk-Fall angry

Lucky Milk-Fall chided his party's NGO buddies for failing to take the human rights slogan forward. "What the hell did you do until Mahinda and Dayan convinced the UN reps in Geneva?," an angry Milk-Fall called a female NGO agent Nee-Flower-ka.

Wedding Sam to return?

Knowing that he would be checkmated at the Hand Party DC hearing, Wedding Sam approached two top party stalwarts to iron out differences. Sam had been told that the party would not forgive Sun-Arachchi. But the happy and gay guy is still interested in coming to a settlement.

Secret meeting

Who are the three Elephant Party Em Pees who held a secret meeting with Can't-Sil? The trio is set to have another round next week to finalise a few more gray areas before they cross the 'well' at the House of Diyawanna mid next month.


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