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DateLine Sunday, 30 September 2007





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Gopalan Trophy Cricket encounters...

Bertie and Stanley star performers in first game

CRICKET: Ceylon Cricket Association, as it was known in 1953, the year that the ever popular Gopalan Trophy cricket 'tie' between the Madras Cricket Association and the Ceylon Cricket Association was inaugurated, was a significant one for the Ceylonese as they recorded a hat-trick of wins in the first three years of the competition. The 'tie' was played on a reciprocal basis.

The star performers in first ‘Gopalan Trophy’ match for CCA ... R. Bertie Wijesinha - (on left) 48 and 39 and fine bowling wth 4 for 29 in the first innings and (on right): Stanley Jayasinghe - splendid 76 in the CCA 2nd Innings total of 327 for 6 wickets when the side was chasing runs to effect a declaration.

The trophy was named after the famous Madras double international M. J. Gopalan who represented India at hockey and cricket in the 1930's and 40's.

In the first two matches in 1953 and 54', CCA (Ceylon Cricket Association) led by F. C. de Saram beat Madras Cricket Association, and in 1955 CCA once again beat Madras CA under Vernon Prins.

In 1956, the match was not played, but in 1957, CCA won again beating Madras CA for the fourth time. Madras won in 1958 for the first time. In the inaugural match CCA batting first scored 221, with Bertie Wijesinha top-scoring with 48 in the first inings. Makkin Salih who opened, scored 38. "R. B." had a good match, capturing 4 wickets for 29 and scoring 39 in the second innings, too.

The CCA gave a pleasing display of batting in the second innings with the top order scoring well. After Makkin Salih (55) and C. H. Gunasekera (45) put on 88 for the first wicket, Stanley Jayasinghe struck a fluent 76 with useful contributions coming from skipper F. C. de Saram (39), E. C. Kelaart (32) and C. Bartels (28 n.o). Madras CA in their second Innings needed 303 runs to win, but a fine team effort helped CCA to win by 95 runs as the Madras CA were all out for 208.


Makin Salih c. Chakravarthi b. Sarangapani 38. C. H. Gunasekera c. Chakravarthi b. Narasinham 1. R. B. Wijesinha b. Vaidiyanathan 48. S. Jayasisnghe b. Vaidiyanathan 2. F. C. de Saram b. Vaidiyanathan 28. H. T. V. Gunasekera run out 18. H. I. K. Fernando b. Abraham 14. E. C. Kelaart c. Suriyawanarayanan b. Abraham 1. C. W. Bartels b. Vaidiyanathan 1. V. J. H. Gunasekera c. Balakrishnan b. Surangapani 24. T. Shanmuganathan not out 12. Extras (34). Total: 221. Fall of wickets. 2, 88, 91, 108, 160, 170, 176, 177, 178, 221, Bowling: C. R. Rangachari 5-0-18-0. M. Suriyanarayanan 3-0-15-0. A. Sarangapani 8.5-0-42-2. G. Abraham 14-6-23- 2. T. Narasinham 4-0-17-1. S. Vaidiyanathan 29-12-49-4. R. Raghavan 7-0-23-0.


D. L. Chakravarthi c Fernando b Bartels 41. M. Swaminathan c Fernando b Wijesinha 3. M. Suriyanarayanan run out 29. M. Balakrishnan c Fernando b Shanmuganathan 1. G. Abraham b Shanmuganathan 19. M. Bharayanarayanan lbw b Wijesinha 71. S. Viadiyanathan c Salih b Kelaart 38. A. Sarangapani c Jayasinghe b H. T. Gunasekera 9. R. Raghavan b Wijesinha 9. C. Rangachari not out 8. T. Narasingham b Wijesinha 0. Extras (17). Total. 245. Fall of wickets. 31, 51, 52, 82, 123, 201, 226, 230, 243, 245. Bowling. H. T. Gunasekera 13-6-24-1. R. B. Wijesinha 10.4- 2-29-4. C. Bartels 19-7-32-1. T. Shanmuganathan 23-1-69-2. V. J. H. Gunasekera 10-1-34-0. E. C. Kelaart 16-4-40-0.


Makkin Salih lbw b Vaidiyanathan 55. C. H. Gunasekera c Balakrishnan b Vaidiyanathan 45. R. B. Wijesinha c Vaidiyanathan b Abraham 39. S. Jayasinghe c Narasingham b Balakrishnan 76. F. C. de Saram c Suriyanarayanan b Rangachari 39. E. C. Kelaart b Balakrishnan 32. Extras. (13). Total. 327 for 6 wickets declared. Fall of wickets: 88, 117, 184, 249, 273, 327. Bowling: C. Rangachari 18-4-70-0. A. Sarangapani 7-0-41-0. G. Abraham 5-0-19-1. T. Narasingham 9-0-46-0. S. Vaidiyanathan 4-0-57-2. R. Raghavan 3-0-19-0. M. Balakrishnan 17-1-57-2. M. Swaminathan 2-0-5-0.


D. Chakravarthi c Jayasinghe b H. T. Gunasekera 30. M. Swaminathan b. H. T. Gunasekera 37. M. Suriyanarayanan b Bartels 25. M. Balakrishnan c. V. J. H. Gunasekera b. H. T. Gunasekera 10. G. Abraham run out 3. M. Bharayanarayanan c Bartels b Wijesinha 10. S. Vaidiyanathan b Shanmuganathan 15. A. Sarangapani c Kelaart b Shanmuganathan 0. R. Raghavan b Bartels 16. C. Rangachari c and b Bartels 23. T. Narasingham not out 1. Extras: (36). Total: 208. Fall of wickets: 58, 101, 121, 126, 126, 147, 155, 176, 192, 208, Bowling: H. T. Gunasekera 22-10-40-3, R. B. Wijesinha 9-5-13-1, C. Bartels 31.4-13-68-3. T. Shanmuganathan 16-3-44-2, S. Jayasinghe 3-1-7-0.


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