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You must have a deep emotional bond with children if they are to grow emotionally strong

Get the best out of children through discipline

There are few questions that reside in the minds of every modern parent. How do we appropriately influence our children? How do we transform them and our homes into places of consistent peace? How do we allow them to endure some hardship so they can grow up and “own” their lives?

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Victims of ‘survivorship bias’

Another highly successful International Book Fair concluded on Tuesday at the BMICH. The much-awaited event by bookworms, budding and veteran authors and bibliophiles took on a carnival atmosphere as usual with eateries and ice cream vendors. Children and adults flocked to the BMICH to visit the 400-odd stalls,

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Thorns on the Side

Face value

Why do we look different? This is a question that has no easy answers. Everyone has eyes, nose, ears and a mouth, yet every face is different. No two faces are truly alike, except for those of identical twins. And there are instances when we can tell the country or region of a person by looking at his facial features.

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