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Inspired,I resolve

Motivated by nature, life, love and living, a novel way to make those time tested New Year pledges:

Unlike the time tested resolutions, 500px ISO Group, home to the best photo stories on the web and a go-to source for everything photography related, recently asked its members to make a 1000-word resolution in a single click and share it with the world,

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This New Year: we will...

New Year resolutions are a time-tested tradition that probably has its origins in religious rituals. At the start of each year, ancient Babylonians promised their Gods they would return borrowed objects and repay their debts. The Romans began the year by making promises to God Janus, for whom January has been named. In the Medieval era, the Knights took the 'Peacock vow' at the end of Christmas each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry. Things have of course changed, with the focus now shifting to personal milestones such as losing weight, giving up vices, adopting new virtues and generally being a loving, giving, caring individual.

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